Monday, March 07, 2011


Well, well, well. Here it is folks. In their own words, the Xians interpreting their god to prefer people over the planet he supposedly created for them to be stewards of. I have made reference to the corruption the title of steward undergoes when manipulated by corporate commodification, but this video says it all.

Did you catch the twist they spin?

Humans, along with all other living beings that arose from the ongoing life of Pachamama, the earth mother, depend on a symbiotic relationship to the health of the planet that is our home and upon whom our own health depends as a simple fact of nature.

Being so exceptionally special in the eyes of the creator they imagine runs the show and who they believe gave them earth to do with as they please, this cult of reality deniers would have the entirety of nature dry up and blow away because their heavenly father wouldn't let anything bad happen to them, His Special children. Can you see that what they are saying was choreographed and scripted by corporate America to pave the way to further rape mother earth for the love she always gives willingly? They try to deflect this by saying that the threat is to Xianity not to their bank accounts. Anything as vulnerable to new ideas as they claim their belief system is only points out the total irrationality of their claims requiring the wishful thinking of staggering leaps of blind faith.

This may be my last post on religion. At least until some group of kooks out does this bunch.


Old 333 said...

This video: a clear example of an effort to generate a false dialectic for profit and social control purposes. You can't help but take a side, if you take a word of any of it seriously. From any perspective.

A trap, developed by the sort of people who sell guns. The same is true of the 'other' side of the 'argument': all that baloney and hot air about the dangers of warm weather, or believing in anything at all. Fake Zen self-accusatory bullshit for slaves.

I'll be so glad when the machines take over and we can retire. Maybe a very short kind of glad, but glad.

I figure we're here to assist the planet in its process of self-birth. So - we are given maximum freedom. At least, this is the causal-world relationship that appears to me. Building machines and using things, to me is OK - so long as we are working towards a greater goal. Technology must be for something - otherwise, an animal (us) wouldn't be doing it. I don't believe in random acts of kindness or unkindness as determinants, not in a situation like this one: this thing is self-willed, bootstrapping itself up into a living spaceship/god-thing. At least, it better be. Otherwise we are wasting our time.

So: faith and use of resources: great, as long as one has direction too. If the weather changes (I mean Ice Age, not this nonsense in the news), we're history anyway, at least until the next round. By which point Mother may have decided to have the rats invent spectacles and deodorant bars, and taken away our shoes and tongues.

I *HIGHLY* recommend R.A. Lafferty's short story "And Name My Name'. He understood, better than any.

As to these historic-personality cults....well, there's good stuff in every genre. Mostly crap, but always something worth the hearing.

And thanks for posting something worth hearing, Yodood! You shure got me all jumping about and ranting. Aaaaah, time for more coffee.


mahakal said...


Old 333 said...

Ooh, the video was lovely. thanks, mahakal.

Anonymous said...

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