Saturday, March 05, 2011


In response to the curiosity expressed in her comment on the previous post, this post is for my maverick Grand-niece Racheal Kellie Cooley, the only of my kinfolk other than L'ilwave to respond to this blog. 

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for 
and certain of what we do not see."

I couldn’t agree more with the quote, it describes exactly what I take each of those words to mean and the meaning of their being next to one another as they are arranged.

But I sense there’s a world of difference between what you feel about those words and how I read them. The fulcrum of faith in each phrase: “sure of” and “certain of”, are like tombstones marking the death of curiosity, just like the quote several posts back about, “children begin school as question marks and graduate as periods”.

Using “question mark” for newborns is as close to spirituality as I ever get when I examine my own motivations, the rest is just logical metaphors as a way of making sense of all my curiosity has revealed to me for myself. When I say we are all eyes on the same potato, the potato is as close as I get to describing what I hear others refer to as god.

It all begins with the definition of THE universe as being all there is. Imagining an intelligent being made of all there is leads me to realize it has nothing to observe but itself — talk about self-aware! But who is the universe gonna ask, you might ask? What do I ask when I want to know what’s going on? My primary source of information is the perception of my individual cells keeping data about the physical world hologram I call my mind updated every instant. I can ask the world what’s going on if I want the opinion of others to supplement my perceptions, but by the time they begin to answer they are no longer talking about what’s going on, but what is no longer going on, and since now is the only time existence ever occurs it takes all my attention to my perceptions just to keep up observing reality.

My metaphor is that the entire universe is alive and every part of it is reporting what it sees just as my every cell reports to me, I pass it on to the silent observer I know sees through my eyes, the potato, god.

There’s a whole other part of my cosmology about scale & mobius loops and the evaporation cycle of ideas, but I want to get back to my view of faith, hope, and certainty just to narrow a conversation about the universe down to the unarguable truth that each religion in history has claimed it alone possesses access to (all lebentybillion of ‘em).

In my cosmology, certainty is like what civilization does to our awareness of nature. It puts on shades, sticks in earplugs, turns up the air conditioner, steps on the gas and in every way possible makes the natural occurrences of the day helpless to update the mind of the hopefully, faithfully certain that certainty lets us be sure that whatever we want we’ll get no matter what shitstorms such hopeful certainty plows up in the natural world it contradicts at every turn.

The reason peace on earth exist at all is that from the core of every being the observer looks out, curious about itself. Although the world it observes is the immensity of itself it has become so absorbed in the observing, it must be reminded that the world is not out there by pairs of pairs of eyes recognizing who it is that’s looking out of both — cosmic love and the reason we are conscious of and curious about existence, if there must be a reason.

Yeah, I don’t have a certain bone in my body but I have accumulated enough experience to understand I have been up to any now in which I find myself without steeling myself against contradiction, in fact I welcome it. New varieties of contradiction only tend to broaden my cosmological theory. I don’t consider religion to be a part of or a contradiction to my theory because it is based on the very non-existence of wishful thinking that requires faith in the unarguable certainty “about what we do not know” for hopeful wannbes to declare the only permissible truth is theirs, end of story, period. Signed, sealed, delivered zombie ant.

That’s why I loved your exchange recognizing how mankind could be as our heavenly father intended, curious about the world they still consider to be themselves and are not yet aware of the otherness civilization makes of nature.

Nature reminds civilization of the stage upon which it plays at being God.


Old 333 said...

Scale and Moebius loops and the evaporation cycle of ideas! You, sir, are talking my kind of talk.

Faith is useful: is there is no Purpose, we had better make one, and faithless folk make bad builders. Faith in names is odd; but names are powerful aspects of (God).

Liked the photo of the road being eaten; is it shopped or real?

Is there a difference, anyway?

Thanks for an enjoyable minute or three -

Peter G.

Yodood said...

The picture is of a landslide in Italy.

Out of curiosity, what does the 333 in your name indiscate? My four years in the Marines were spent in the VMF-333 squadron, and I was wondering …

Old 333 said...

Ah, Old 333. The initial reference was/is to a 'controlling trust' stock held by the monolithic Bubble Housing Corporation (no kidding) in Pohl+Kornbluth's brilliant 1950s gem Gladiator-At-Law. god this laptop has a tiny keyboard. (clunk). There, that's better. Broken, but big enough.

333: also can mean: a good enough batting average to get into the majors. One hopes. And perhaps it's half an Abraxas. Then, the (masonic?) rule of thirds: I try to live by what I understand of it (which varies by the day).

There are lots of other things! My distaste for 'the dialectic' among them - thesis, antithesis, synthesis....why, you could go on like that....forever! Three repeating.

The rest devolves into complicated superstition and a quiet love of numbers.

I'm curious: what did VMF-333 do? Or, at any rate, what was it like there? I'm far from a soldier, but I suspect I might have made a good one - I like external structure, and I'm sure they would have given good psychopharmaceuticals once they figured out I was crazy. The shooting other people part might be a little tough, but I expect they kind of ease you into that.

Glad I stuck to mortal drudgery, on the whole. Lord knows what my poems would be like, were I of a military mind.

Thanks for the info on the landslide photo. Next time I feel the ground moving, I'm grabbing a tree. Look how the greenery stayed on top! That's why I wondered about Photoshop. Neat.

Anyway - coffee, chores, and more beckon: talk to you later, and have a good one!


Anonymous said...

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