Saturday, January 16, 2010


Okay, another anarchist rant about no government able to be fair to all the people — ever! This one is inspired by the possibilities of the internet, with its horizontal conversation between citizens now open and free to most of the world, to be a constant, ongoing replacement of the ultimately corruptible system of representative democracy (resolution: 2 dots per no matter how large an area or group measured) by a searchable sage (resolution:7x109 dots varying with population centers of civilizations and generally increasing over Earth’s surface) one may consult to estimate the probable consequences of one’s intentions prior to acting on them from within one’s immediate locality, and in ripples expanding to world wide concern.

The function of such a transparent, sensitive organism as this network could be modeled on the cellular intelligence of a living body whose information about the world is registered as a gestalt in the form of a full blown hologram of our environment. I suggest that the variety of reality tunnels these individual holograms represent could themselves be synthesized into a planetary gestalt to present to everyone the equivalent of a hologram image of any issue searched to be used, not as rules or definitions needing administered enforcement, but as a guide to personal concern for activity in the area of one’s interest.

The efforts at Photosynth to create a hologram of the entire physicality of earth from every photograph ever posted on the internet could do the same thing for the mental image humanity has of life on earth with the amount of interest determining size, relative agreement in perception the shape, and the relative benefit to the health of the planet the color. Crude, I know, but this is just the first rolling of the ball… anyone?

No more public relations propaganda from corporate politicians promising impossibilities and denying needs, no more population fodder for elite squabbles over resource commodification draped in “for their own good, god and country,” no more secrets. Everything ever posted and open to this sage search engine could be collated into as many categories as have been written about since the alphabet and said since the voice recorder and seen since the camera that could be compressed and expanded like time lapse or high speed photography allow us to see life where there was none and vulnerability in seeming permanent security. Choosing to go against the flow would have no excuse in ignorance. With such a wise insight, who would need to be led?

The western

hi-res version

of the

I Ching

which served

for centuries

at 64dpi.

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