Sunday, May 03, 2009


I have been constantly entertained by the designs technology promises as I browse the entertainment technology has already designed on my never-quite-state-of-the-art iMac. The two TED talks I have embedded here seem to combine ideas that will enable any and all to access the information offered by any and all, anywhere, any time.

First is Blaise Aguera-y-Arcas, demonstrating Photosynth, a photo collecting/montaging program that can form 3D images of anywhere in the world that has ever been photographed from enough angles to form the subject. It not only lets you look at often photographed locations but enables you to scan it through time using the chronology of the photos.

Next is Patti Maes demonstrating wearable computer technology that can both scan ones surroundings and project applications upon them.

The possibilities of either innovation are staggering and when combined put anyone availing themselves of them capable of getting to the essence of any subject by synthesizing the various information available. Nothing beats actual experience for growing wisdom but it can never lead to the expression of more than one person's version of that experience, their reality tunnel. Photosynth, when expanded to more than photographic information, will enable the user to take as many versions of any subject as are available and get a model of its reality less subject to the idiosyncratic warps of personal filters than actual experience.

Of course, nothing can nor should eliminate the individual's unique slant on any subject no matter how informed, but this technology is bound to make personal biases less influential and may actually help shed them.

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Friggin nuts! :)
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