Friday, October 24, 2008


It only took sixty-nine years, three-hundred-fifty eight days of not wanting to even know there were people running this country, much less care enough to get involved in choosing who they were, to finally realize how absolutely responsible my apathy is for the Viet Nam War and every other bad thing the US has perpetrated since. So now that I have cast my ballot in the pop poll for prez, I expect everything to be set right at last.

While out voting I also bought a two year supply of beans and rice, just in case. I feel like an atheist after my first communion refusing to kneel. I certainly don't expect anything to enlighten this woman or her sneeringly certain cretin cohorts.


Pisces Iscariot said...

"faith in the lord"
That would be fine if there were something to add to that, like...
the lord would then insist in a welfare system for the most needy citizens
the lord will provide shelter
etc etc
fucking brainwashed morons!

Pisces Iscariot said...

glad you did vote

Yodood said...

It's in the chin and lower lip, the same as Sarah Palin's when her pie hole snaps shut, after a load of faith based crap is dumped, to keep truth from seeping in. It's the bulldog that can't let go of the lipstick.

Anonymous said...

I see no faith here, only blind and willful ignorance, fear and hatred.

Yodood said...

Swallowing a camel while gagging on its fleas, are you? You see no faith while describing its basis: ignorance, fear and hatred. She considers herself ultimately wise, brave and loving in having the truth captured between the covers of her instruction manual no matter what contradictions from the devil of daily experience assail her. everyone else is her test, and she's passing with haloes on top.

The only other form of faith I have ever seen is belief in oneself independent of lords, leaders or followers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but no. This woman demonstrates the opposite of faith, and uses the word incorrectly. That you accept her use of this word suggests you do not understand what faith is, either.

I have faith in my wife. I love her and I know that she loves me. There is nothing ever to fear or doubt in our relationship.

This is faith, real faith.

Those who know God and have faith, speak of love. Those who speak of faith without love, speak of something else.

You may have faith in yourself, but know that your Self is the same as mine. Therefore, I can never hate you. You are me and I am you. Love yourself, and your Self in all people, and you are of very good faith.

Yodood said...

By placing faith in others I hold them to my standards without their consent. If love is to be as you say, faith is a bridge where there is no separation. Even supposing that my deepest understanding of self is the same for them is only a premise everyone is free to act in denial of with no disappointment on my part.

Your denial of her faith is no different than her denial of other brands of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

If you insist that there is no difference between ignorance and knowledge, between hatred and love, between fear and acceptance, then you may say there is no difference between our conceptions of faith.

However, there is a difference.


Anonymous said...

Since you have indicated some respect for Buddhism, you might want to reference the concept of Śraddhā.

Yodood said...

"If you insist that there is no difference between ignorance and knowledge, between hatred and love, between fear and acceptance,…"

Where did you hear me make such a statement. Did you mistake my description of Christ's bulldog's faith that her intentional ignorance is cured by biblical widom. If so you missed my point altogether. Faith can be in anything. It is wasted until it is vested in the trust — oneself.

"…then you may say there is no difference between our conceptions of faith."

So we agree!! We do have different concepts of faith, it is meaningless to me without, as pisces iscariot pointed out above, …in what! If the what is other than oneself it is a an undeserved qualification for possible betrayal for them and an presumptuous expectation required by the faithful. Unless, of course in the case of the mutual exploitation fantasy of dominated and the dominatrix upon which religion and government are based.

Anonymous said...

What exists other than oneself? All of this is you, but you are only conscious of a part of yourself. I bow to you when I say: Namasté. In doing so, I bow also to myself. Aum Namah Shivaya.

bulletholes said...

Great post!
"I feel like an atheist after my first communion refusing to kneel."
makes me think of the Dylan song "Its Alright Ma"

"If you don't vote, you don't matter"
Willie Stark

Hi Dood!
Man, my wordverification is flogings...not the way to start my day!