Tuesday, September 02, 2008


With my fingers in the earth
And my head in the clouds
My eyes fill with other’s eyes
Seeing the same scene
Through their uncommon facings
On the surface of the same potato
Out from which I stare in wonder.

Man’s pride in small conceits
Blind him to how much more he is
Than his superiority can admit
Without dissolving into it all.
Artificial shell of self-congratulation
Isolation from the eternal gestation
Of evolution’s energy we call enemy
Building futile dams to stop entropy

Each being is a point
In the hologram of the universe
The whole contained in each
From the perspective of the point
Like the honest pictures of a child
Gigantic feet tapering to a pin-head
When drawing the big people,
So vast and godlike above.


Minx said...

How very, very small we are.

Yodood said...

What a wonderfully vast thing to be an equal share of.