Friday, December 14, 2007


I think I have a way to settle the ambivalence of the three big auto using countries, the Axles of Evil you might say, US, Canada & Japan, to go forward with ecologically necessary measures to avert the threat of global warming!

Forget global warming. Let’s appeal to their good old bible thumpin’ fear of hell, since that is what seems to break out wherever industrial civilization touches the planet. From the dragon’s breath torches of petroleum cracking towers and billions of auto farts 24/7/365/100+ to a population gorging itself on increasing artificially abundant food whose burgeoning numbers are forbidden by celibates to use or even know about artificial birth control, we have enough absolute, evident concerns resulting from the same causes as are affecting global warming.

We are poisoning our selves by poisoning what we breath and eat and drink! I read of a theory that the Roman empire declined because of pewter dinnerware making them too ill to summon the will to kill for the thrill at the top of the hill. Our fatal favor of fossil fuel will take more than our empire with it. The global warming aspect of earth’s latest health report has been most in the news because, of all the disastrous results of our planetary abuse, it is the most arguable, least evident to people within the propaganda spin zone. Please go here to see what you might do about turning the Axles of Evil around.

I have got to point you to this superb discussion about why we have got to rein in our consumption without even mentioning global warming.

And if that doesn’t help, I have a backup plan. I have come to the point in my life where my concern about being misrepresented by people doing bad things has caused me to threaten hell with a freezing over. I am going to support Dennis Kucinich for president and, here’s the ice nine clincher, vote for the first time in my life on my 70th birthday for him in November 2008. The situation is dire enough and he decidedly addresses the situation at its roots enough to get me involved.

This brings me to a bone I have to pick with the whole process of the run up to party conventions having such an emphasis on electability that effectiveness in representing the concerns of the people gets discussed less than their sex life or their hair cut. Frankly, I would like to see the two most laughed at candidates from both parties run on a third party ticket, if Ron Paul would consider being Kucinich’s VP. They are not laughable, they are being laughed at by their competition as an attempt at sneering condescension to their honest, vulnerable naivetĂ© in the lying, promise-’em-anything shark pool, rather than even discuss the important points they both bring up. If the White House needs scouring, those two would be like anti-bacteria on grout to route 'em out.

I have not studied Dennis Kucinich on purpose as yet, but from the information that comes to me unbidden, he’s that dynamite reputed to come in small packages. We shall see. I hope you sign that petition to let the Bali Environmental Summit know that Bush does not represent you.

There are new data points on the political map, click on the sidebar to see. I appeal to everyone to check this out. It is a unique way to demonstrate the misrepresentation of the people by the political agenda, it doesn’t matter whether you are a US citizen, please send me your political compass points for a more representative plot. If anyone wants to help get their readers to contribute, feel free to copy the map from the sidebar and make it a link to this post.

I have also considered a kind of double blind test designed to cancel the personality of the hopefuls wherein a series of pertinent questions, not requiring speechifying hyperbole, is presented to all the presidential candidates. Then list each question with each of the candidates answers next to anonymous check boxes to be chosen, one per question, by the survey taker. Individuals could find the best candidate for them and two totals can be taken for the overall survey: the overall winner by individual voter’s total results and the winner by tallying all the check boxes of all the voters. The great advantage would be having the winner on record for what was promised. If anyone who thinks this is a good idea and has the clout to get it out to the powers that be, feel free. I think it would be an excellent way to actually vote on more than two candidates, no electoral college to manipulate.

I must be as naive as Dennis.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You know one of the things I find so scary about global warming... aside from global warming itself and what we are doing to ourselves and the planet - but it's how global warming in itself has become big business. If there is an opportunity to milk, there will be some greedy bastard waiting right there to milk it. The world seems to abound with despots and greed merchants ready to feed off their own.

gregra&gar said...

I couldn't agree more.

Naomi Klein calls it the shock doctrine, I call it stragedy. From developers swooping into coastal weather disaster areas to stake out land for high rises where family homes once stood to the traditionally honored world wide charity, Red Cross, found to misappropriate a major portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars in relief donations after 9/11 it is obvious that the power of money hardens the heart before slamming the sphincter shut, opening the maw and start bulldozing the loot in.

Just as the stability of nature is in its variety, the stability of the human race lies in smaller, more local responsibility within interacting tribes rather than reliance of 300,000,000 on the sanity of one man as we find the US today.

Pisces Iscariot said...

It's a testament to the true face of human nature: something that sci-fi writers often use as a plot line, viz mankind coming together to defeat one common enemy/catastrophe...
and what happens in reality? Politicians come together to argue about the best rules we should apply, and who should be paying who in order to make it fair.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

It's become a bit like a dog with its head up its own butt.

I was at a meeting the other day where botanists were warbling on about the local biodiversity crisis. I pointed out that until recently the concept had never existed (and was just a concept invented by said botanists) and the world had got along just fine without it. You'd have thought I was the biggest idiot on the planet. It never ceases to amaze me how people will dream up "schemes" to suit their own ends - and they willingly, in this instance, in the form of a particular rabid botanist, say the death of the individual is nothing, all that counts is the species... Pity the poor individual on the brink of evolving into something else.

gregra&gar said...

Pisces, fiction writers theopomorphize man to inspire individuals to act for the greater good while governments zoopomorphize man to justify their usury of the individual for lesser good.

Absolullah, I hope you are not saying that because the strength and health of nature due to biodiversity is a recent concept it is wrong. It is one of the most powerful realizations our planetary health examination has revealed.