Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have read more political literature since I began this blog a year and a half ago than I had over the entire span of my existence ‘til then. Although there has been practically no change in my political inclinations, I have acquired a vocabulary to better describe what I've always intuited, but never discussed with anyone. Howard Zinn has reified my worst suspicion — that politicians are to the people they claim to represent as the farmer is to his dairy cows; keep ‘em just contented enough to give maximum milk and if they don’t produce milk, send ‘em to the stockyards or slaughterhouse. This cross purpose system of governance has claimed itself to be the first and therefore ultimate form of democracy, as witnessed by the US overthrowing of home grown democracies elsewhere with financial and military assistance to local, puppet dictators across the globe. To see such top-down-democracy as anything more sophisticated than legalized mob rule is delusional. To see the US brand of democracy as representative of even the “majority” of the people in the face of daily examples of the two year long, billion dollar campaign season, the principles-for-auction house the corporate lobbyists have made of the Hauls of Congress, and two rigged elections is manic euphoria.

The myth of “US American exceptionality” explains why the people can so readily condone and even support the US’s treatment of people in other countries in ways that, despite our comatose conscience and jellyfish vertebrae in reining in Dribbleya, would get us all out in the streets in revolt should soldiers treat US that way. From the stifling occupation of Germany after W.W.I by allied troops making Hitler look like a benevolent, heroic savior from oppression to his people, to our blatant genocide of Iraquis at the rate of nine innocent civilians deaths for each terrorist killed making suicide look like an honorable death for a benevolent, heroic savior from oppression to his people we see examples of our exceptional inability to walk in the shoes or sandals of the people ruled by our government’s enemies. No more our enemy than we are theirs.

I am continually amazed by posts decrying the evils of the incorporation of the US from the viewpoint of a victim being helplessly drawn into the greedy jaws of the ravenous beast. Just because the supreme court has incomprehensibly granted personhood to corporations is no excuse for individuals to anthropomorphize them further as ogres doling out necessities of life at too dear a price. The mainstream isn’t a vacuum except to the brain dead dust fearing life without the trappings of the rich and famous for the appearance of living. Corporations have gotten control of the people like pushers control junkies and it's up to the junkies to go cold turkey because the AMA is a corporation too. They'll sell you something else just a debilitating.

Speaking of the AMA, it comes to mind that there is no profession, with the possible exception of science, that still uses Latin who aren’t hiding skullduggery for the same reason top secret exists for national security, people would riot if their betrayal for personal profit of the scheming exceptions were known any more blatantly than the everyday news.

I just read that the ABA has awarded Alberto Gonzales their Lawyer of the Year award — ‘nuff said.

WHEW! I knew I had read something positive to end this rant with —— the tiny town of Potrero has rebuked the incursion of a Blackwater training facility into its environment. A town full of terrorists just east of San Diago??? Not.

If that didn't make you feel better, go here.

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Pisces Iscariot said...

I love it when you're angry Greg :] It brings out the best in you - nice rant, hope you feel better now ;)