Monday, December 10, 2007


Souls in Limbo —— Iturraldi

I found this meme at Deep Thinker and thought it would be enlightening to do:
Name 8 things that…

…I am passionate about:
•Finding themes to variations in nature
•Playing variations to songs on my flute
•Creating lyric metaphors about man in nature
•Becoming conscious of the symbiosis with nature that sustains me
•Reducing my footprint on the earth by getting off the grid
•Raising my own food
•Watching animals play
•Being a loving friend to all who care

…I often say
when alone (95% of the time)…
•c'mere kitty
•chuckle, chuckle
when with people…
•I don't know
•I love you
•says who?
•no thanks
•wanna hit?

…that changed my life forever
•Moving from Tampa, Florida to Pascagoula, Mississppi at 13
•Joining the marines to get out of Mississippi
•Reading Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
•Outgrowing a 9 year IBM corporate mentality
•Living in a tipi
•Knowing Raja Rao
•Loving Mary Gardner
•Reading Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn

…to do before I die
•Fly, like in my dreams
•Understand that western civilization is not devolution
•Feel love for everything
•Live a thousand years or say goodbye now
•Witness the soul plane become manifest in daily life
•Leave no footprint
•Exemplify my evolving wisdom
•Talk to a dolphin

…musical that I can listen to over and over
from my iTunes playcount for recent music—
• David Gilmore's On an Island
• Easy Star All-Stars' Dub Side of the Moon
• Deep Forest's Boheme
• Mickey Hart's At the Edge
• Baca Beyond's The Meeting Pool
• Pink Floyd's The Wall
• Barbara K's Ready
• Leonard Cohen's anything at all

…that attract me to other people
• Egoless candor
• Original thinking
• Adventurous eyes
• Genuine listening
• Deft demeanor
• Wise behavior
• Radiant wellbeing
• Heretical humor

…I learned in the last year
• A summer garden can get too much rain, even in Texas
• To raise chickens for eggs
• To use arugula in killer guacamole
• To make hummus and tabouli from scratch.
• Many genuine friends through blogging
• Too much about politics for comfort
• The actual divide between politics and people's best interests as demonstrated by the Political Compass
• To love my neighbor despite rancor in the past

There are quite a few among my links whose answers I would be interested in seeing, but don't care for assigning chores to unwilling friends so I shant tag anyone, in hopes it will be picked up voluntarily.


Minx said...

I think I might.....maybe.

Anonymous said...

oh G&G ... this meme is .... well it is just great, really great.

i love 'seeing' all the different facets of you .....

comment on SHOPPING: I often compulsively shop whilst manic, but a store of this vastness, variety and colour would overwhelm even the manic in me. Fortunately I have learned to save the receipts, do not cut off any tags, nor use the item - when I 'come down' - I always return ..... postage is such a small price to pay, all things considered.


Princess Haiku said...

Sure, let's exchange links. What variations do you play on your flute? I am an urban flute player myself. Have you see the Galway teaching videos on youTube?

gregra&gar said...

You did, Minx, you did. I like that your variation retained both books and life changing experiences to make it eight varieties of eight categories, sixty-four symbols of the iching, yin/yang duality. I exchanged books for life changes because I had not read eight books worth mentioning to anyone.

Thanks, Red, I'm all yours.

Princess Haiku,

Bamboo with six holes
Polished, bright yin-yang symbol
Husky as my breathing

Never a lesson
Or my wonder might lessen
Muse jumps through no hoops

I noodle the flute
In and out tunes that I toot
Never heard again

Erica said...

Never a lesson
Or my wonder might lessen
Muse jumps through no hoops

This is just lovely.

Princess Haiku said...

I came back to read your post again. I admire your self-revelations that reflect a lot of insight and thought. My flute teacher is special; the lessons are all about "breath."

Debi said...

There. I KNEW you were enchanting ...

~~ Melissa said...

Might you share more details of the 'killer guacamole'?

gregra&gar said...

Erica, when you are impressed, I am.

Debi, takes one to find one.

Melissa, no particular quantity, more according to the nose, taste. Just add some arugula to your own recipe until it is just short of too much.