Saturday, November 11, 2006


First I would like to introduce you to the best and latest of thousands of hours of documented footage I have observed on the subject of this one and a half hour video which, though further out there than David Icke bloodline conspiracy and valid enough to make Loose Change an “of course” — spare change.

When you get back from viewing the video will be the best time to read the rest of this post.

Okay, now you are either as fully informed on the subject of discussion as I am with the possible exception of not having experienced a close encounter (of which I have had two close and one remote, >half mile observation of several in formation) or you have no interest in new information on the subject. Or you haven’t got any interest in the subject at all, which indicates this is as far as you need read, unless of course you like to read about experiences and ideas outside the box so you can build a better box so the big bad wolf of the unknown can’t blow your made up mind away.

So, I saw what I illustrated in the picture above with two different groups a year or so apart. Several years later I fell asleep by a campfire outside Alamogordo, NM watching their dots zip across a mountain range within a half mile from me, casting light across their ridges at speeds impossible to our “admissible” modern science. For another ten or so years I carried and rarely mentioned these experiences to anyone after some pretty bitter reactions from folks I’d once considered intelligent. That is when I began to see our poor proxy of conviction for intelligence, righteousness for knowledge, image for self esteem, lawfulness for morality and how that sort of peeled up the corner of culture’s rug for me. The whole time it hadn’t occurred to me to tie together my uncle’s excitement over getting to work on this new laser idea that had just popped up at Westinghouse when I was little, or fiber optics, or the stealth bomber, or night vision goggles or that our government was back engineering crashed ufos at all until …

I lived in a tipi on 600 acres adjoining a Lower Colorado River Authority Park through which I would take a day or two hikes during the week when the tourist traffic was down. Within this park was a 12’ barbed wire chain linked enclosure that ran right down to the water of the river. This particular day the water was so low I could walk along the bank outside the fence on boulders that were normally under water. About midway to the other end of the fence line, in the clearing amidst a copse of cedars was a patched up flying saucer. A an unidentified parked object, mismatched color panels, rivets and hot rod bondo and all, and it was the same shape and size as my picture above. When I took a friend to see it two weeks later it was gone.

Now, the only thing that’s changed is that not only don’t know what I have seen, I’m not really sure whether it was extraterrestrials or human, black ops copies. All I do know is that it has certainly opened my eyes to how tightly clenched so many eyes are. Compared to arguing whether the world trade center was the demolition job it had to be, its like no one even believes the twin towers even exist except the few brave radical heretics that can remember past their fear of ridicule.

Although I have alluded to the unelected part of the government often, it was in reference to politics before, now I am talking about the ones who were not only not elected, they don’t even show up on the payroll and don’t have to admit anything to anyone, the president, the supreme court, not anyone. As Eisenhower said, the military-industrial complex which is using our money to ensnare us in its shearing pen. The web site for Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project is among my links. Watching the individual testimonies of the folks introduced in this video before the national press club is further amazement. While the political addicts try and rearrange the furniture for the new comfort zone, we should insist they take the war crimes and impeachment hearings below the elected surface frosting and dig up the puppet masters that stirred up this batch of dough.


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