Thursday, November 09, 2006


Fractals, variations on a theme, definitions of a word, opinions of an idea, a corn field from a kernal. Two very considerate, well meaning people can get two diametrically opposed meanings from one thought whose truth stands at the core being of both in plain sight. The belief in righteousness at the core of our culture makes us argue over our reflections, as if the life experiences that brought one to their perception were more valid than the other. The evangelism of ourselves in pursuit of the image of godliness in the minds of all who behold us is directly proportional to our belief in a god of any sort. Belief in the kernal I find myself to be and the relationship I must grant it has to all other life forms through the natural curve of karma and the golden rule in this infinitely intricate field called earth leaves me merely curious about all the variations with no bike to pedal or right to peddle. My posts of late have veered into the realm of the politically obsessed and I began losing sleep counting the “sheeple” as the blogosphere has yclept them. So I’m going back to remembering that, rather than a moronic mass waiting for the next direction in which to be frightened/herded, we are all corn from the same kernal, and if I can learn to live in an organic field in symbiosis with the nature that culture has declared the enemy, my observations here may help us all shake this system of follow the leader.

So saying I am posting a one and a half minute guided tour to my garden in its always “in-progress" state — just the way pappy taught me. Om Shiva Shankara, Hari, Hari, Ganga. As my dear cyber friend, Sonshine, says, “walk in peace and help heal the world.”

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