Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Out of its infinite variety of possibilities, nature has evolved a species of being so ingenious it has fashioned a technique to feed and pamper its naturally bloating population so well that only when the acceleration of its dependency on such technology finally worsens the health of the environment, their only real source of sustenance, within their memory span do they even notice. The technology has become so ingrained in their “stewardship” mythos that even the most ingenious among this species is powerless to apply the brakes.

Leaders of national policy, whose responsibility it is to protect the welfare of its citizens, have been bought, paid for and inserted by leaders of the very growth industry that has thrown the throttle wide open to guzzle the richest mix of paycheck fuel extracted from that citizenry, addicted to the prosthetic manna being whelped as the bastard child of earth’s raping. Being providers of such artificiality, industry rides a threshold of faith in its necessity. Here is where the advertising industry tips the balance from frivial luxury to staff of life, which political and product spin doctors call “improving ones standard of living , the direction of the modern world … come on along, the water’s fine!”

In olden days, when the citizenry realized it was more intelligent than its leaders its sheer numbers could physically storm the castle in revolution, evolving leaders who kept increasingly larger royal guards resulting in longer and longer periods of subjugation of other-minded citizens. The church served the same function as advertising does now by making a feeling of guilt for disobedience to god or crown punishable. The first democracy attempted to wrest control from royal/religious tyranny and handle national affairs through a committee of elected citizens. Less than two hundred years later the experiment finds that committee meeting in halls staffed with a permanent, anonymous, unelected bureaucracy that has been manipulating and serving the information which the temporarily elected citizens discuss on an agenda of which they are unaware, as the greed of the covert neocon royalty departs from the will of the people once again.

In modern days, when the citizenry realized it was more intelligent than its leaders it realized that to withdraw from its addiction to the artificiality they were offered was a more powerful way to stop the system than any opposition devised to go up against the monetary power of which they themselves were the addicted resource. They began living a life independent of the services whose fees fed the government’s power to dominate them. They realized the pilgrim’s dream of a royal/religious-free leadership had grown into an industry/advertising based leadership still able to make guilt for disobedience to the American Way of Life punishable, and they gladly took their punishment. Sure, they had to walk or ride a bicycle wherever they went but it really wasn’t necessary to go all that far. Sure they had to grow their own food, but it really wasn’t necessary to expend any energy to earn the money to buy it. Having the lesson of surviving the thingathon system they were able to appreciate the wealth of the things they could gladly live without and the bounty the earth offered freely when cared for.

I hope that last paragraph can be written in fact within the next twenty years, or no effort by the most dedicated population will have the power to cease the devastation being wreaked upon life on earth by an epidemic population led by pushers thriving on all the industrious new users they keep producing more food for.


troutsky said...

Again, my friend,I think we need to realize we have the priveledge and luxury ourselves of living in a bountiful land (soil, water, opportunity,relative freedom) to create our own self-production/distribution system somewhat off the "grid" but to many on our planet do not.36,000 people will die today of causes related to malnutrition (mostly women and children).Justice and survival are not some issue of the future for these people.Billions more live in squalor while my refrigerator sits full of garden grown produce and locally harvested game and while i ride my bike to work,recycle my cans and compost my trash.Billions are being driven off farms and into mega-slums because of US agro-industry. Vast areas are being turned into desert, ocean fisheries being depleted, etc (all stuff you know) The priveledged will buy bottled water, oxygen tanks and farmed fish.They will buy and sell carbon emmissions and build higher walls and produce more arms.

gregrandgar said...

36,000 people will die today of causes related to malnutrition … Billions are being driven off farms and into mega-slums because of US agro-industry

The most callous part of this is that the ability of agro-industry to artificially grow so much food is the very reason that as many as 36,000 people are starving daily, and in the name of humanitarianism we demand agro buisiness step up the food production, which, by the natural growth of a populations to match its food supply, will make that number 1 million starving per day if the earth can stand our presence that long. There will always be a portion of a growing population starving, the size of the population makes the quantity so horrendous. It is a no win situation until we take hold of the population explosion problem with efforts toward zero population growth, by getting rid of the Christian's rediculous ban on contraception and abortion and true sex education becomes world wide.

I refer you to the science notes in my Farm Out link at the bottom of my profile where I was working to produce a home garden instructional comic book to train third world countries to feed themselves before they become as helpless victims of agrobusiness as the first world countries.

littlebitofsonshine said...

3rd world 1st world all in one world wow!!!!um just a guesting who gets to pick there first world and there idea of a 3rd world ????

gregrandgar said...

Paraphrasing an earlier post about the species split:

Both see themselves as the masters and the others as the slaves. From within their skyscrapers and air conditioned autos the masters gaze upon their laboring slaves making boxes to earn money to buy back the boxes and pay taxes. Outside the masters of their own existence in symbiosis with the nature of their environment (indiginous native people) look upon the buildings and cars full of atrophied slaves of their own prosthetic devices with appreciation of the difference.

One of the big problems is that the glittery convenience and novelty of the first world (western civilization) makes the naive third world ready made wannabes, ie Manhatten Island for $24 in beads. The problems within the system are visible only to those swallowed by it, either willingly or unwillingly. Immunity is independence from it.

mullet said...

if you are saying 'give it all up', that's where i want to be....not just about I

gregrandgar said...

The only things we need to give up are the technologies and manufacturing process antagonistic to nature, and many of them need only be modified to be more environment friendly. The only thing that would really change is the return of responsibility to the individual and any possible reason for governance to be handled locally by people we know, as in tribes, with a small coordinating committee to coordinate intertribal business, and only then when ask for. There is no reason, even with the gigantic, 6 billion+ population of earth (if we can reach zero population growth) that one need ever feel like they are not being represented in tribal decisions. Isn't that the main problem with the great national governments, communist, socialist or democratic in being responsive to their vast constituencies. I am reminded by the decision of Bali to ban the construction of any building taller than a coconut palm in swift reaction to a high rise they permitted to be built before it was even finished.