Thursday, December 15, 2011


The elusiveness of truth is the impossibility of describing the reality of the living universe no matter how vast ones realization and vocabulary may be.

The reason no one can “tell it like it is” is because “IT” is too infinitely large, complex and ephemeral to begin speaking about the truth before it’s different. To get around this, language separates “IT” into little “it”s: subjects of frozen specimens of instances, mini-truths like bugs plucked from nature, stuck with a pin, studied, named, added to the language and extrapolated back as a set of truths, or rules, comprising a fixed pixel in individual and cultural pictures of a nature yet to be realized.

Further diffusion of even these specifically defined word/mini-truths/rules comes with the infinitely varied evolution of each individual’s perception mechanism tinting meaning and blurring even the description of an event by many witnesses beyond recognition between one extreme and the other.

Great social change gathers around the most basic, least misunderstandible expression for the overwhelming rejection of the status quo being profited from and enforced by a word-controlling establishment. The strength and gathering momentum of the Occupy Wall Street movement is that it best expresses the solutions to the system against which it rails by General Assembly, evolving an entirely new model for social behavior among their many dissatisfied factions that, as separate causes, merely wanted to drive their version of the old model.

Together these volunteers, standing off millionaire’s minions sent to silence and erase them, make the sometimes loud dissatisfactions and as yet unexpressed, great expectations of this awakening giant resonate throughout the world in a visceral connection through the truth of the tune, no matter what language sings the lyrics.

A drum circle. A drum sphere.