Sunday, June 20, 2010


It feels as though my life has always had a direction based on overcoming the friction opposing my curiosity’s free will. Like the tail orients a kite, my concentration has been on reconciling a rift between my daughter and me by both working on myself and attempting to communicate with her at different stages throughout the 38 years of separation. Each failure was like tying another bow on the tail threatening to drag the kite down unless the wind of my desire strengthened.

Sometimes physical metaphors don’t do justice to spiritual phenomena. For the past three days Heather has sat beside me as we hung out in my little Dawgranch haven as if the past was a figment of both our imaginations. Any idea of forgiveness or atonement or injury or righteousness dissolved upon our initial embrace and we were as we were when she was a child.

I’m not sure if there is anything left for me “to do” in this life. I have only the will, but not the capacity to move western civilization toward a more symbiotic relationship with nature. So I think I’ll just let experience wash over me without filtering it for clues to my imaginary discomforts for a while and see how that works out.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i like that a lot.

Lilwave said...

I love you so much Dad and have already started my plans to return.

She Writes said...


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you both a big cyber :) hug. I am so pleased to have read this and hear how your day was. I can only imagine the peace that each of you must feel. I truly appreciate your vulnerability in the sharing of your story.