Friday, June 25, 2010


When I stated there was nothing left for me “to do” in my last post it was in reference to action resulting in my gaining better symbiosis with my environment and personal relationship with loved ones. Its not that I couldn’t improve my responsibility further, but that having learned to see nature as it is needs no doing of maintenance beyond remaining aware of the glaring difference between such direct experience of my life and second hand information becoming more virtually realistic every day as every conversation seems to be an exchange of memes received from the electronic “real world” of western civilization.

The connection re-realized between my daughter and I last week has let me feel confident that we are one person in two places to the degree that information from her is as pure as my own sensory system supplies me. She is my eyes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as she tells me of her son’s work captaining a boat for BP every day and the experience of the filth and fumes on his clothing now that globs of crude oil have reached the barrier islands off shore. I no longer have to wonder what is the truth about the reported disaster, the results have gotten beyond my mistrust of the media and are affecting my grandson’s health, no speculation to it.

My hip requires me to stop and regenerate if I walk as far as a quarter mile at a good clip. I would be no better than a glob of oil on the beach if I were to go there to try to help in a job that may require every able-bodied person in the country to actively participate in remedying the situation far more directly than holding hands and praying. Although I always thought it an ironic obviator of faith to the faithful, I’ve gotta agree that their “god helps them who help them selves.”

The Gulf of Mexico is the spawning ground for a giant portion of sea and shore life and the food supply for walking, hopping and flying life all over the planet. This blossoming vortex continuously unwinds its contents out into the larger Atlantic and the rest of the world; a slow motion version of Ice Nine, enough crude oil could kill us all. Whether you go alone or with a club, if you are able-bodied and care about planetary life I recommend an integrity check on your ability to respond in a directly effective way.

As indirect as it is, this blog is my best idea for calling for individuals to get their priorities straight about life on Earth. If you can find something more useful for me to do, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Lilwave said...

Thank you Dad. Nicely said.
I am now convinced that everything BP is doing, at this point, is for appearances only. No matter how hard my son works he and the rest of the crews cannot make a dent in the oily mess out there. The tools they use are a joke. The Hazwoper guys(Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) have protective suits that can only be worn 15 minutes and then must remove them for 45 minutes. This doesn't allow the time needed to do anything. Then they lay out sausage boom around the oil and throw cotton-like pads on top, pick them back up, and then bag them. This does not remove enough oil from the ocean to count for anything. Especially while the oil is still spewing from the ocean floor.
The available technologies would be a helpful start but not as long as they sit on the shelf being debated or "studied further".
My question is, "Why did Obama tell other countries we didn't need their super-skimmers?" Every skimmer in the world should be working the coast. There are only 20 skimmers working in the Gulf when there are 2000 in the US alone. Not to mention available skimmers from foreign countries.
20 offers of assistance from 17 countries have been turned down by our government. WTF??
Everything seems counterproductive to me and makes no sense. I feel like I'm in a constant state of panic because this is so close and I'm seeing it firsthand. The precious living habitat is meeting a horrible tortuous death. The sea turtles are dying by the hundreds and dolphins right behind that. That's just two species out of the vast amounts of life this is destroying. I don't want others to wait to see it's devastation to find motivation to cure this cancer. If we wait until we see it or feel its effects, it is too late....
The best thing people can do is to unite somehow to force BP and the government take real action instead of them worrying about their pocket books. Use the available technology NOW...not later.