Monday, November 02, 2009


The full Moon dawns on the break of night

Solar reflection, Brian’s selection

The theme for All Hallows Eve.

Her full moon dawns on my line of sight

Solar reflection’s reflection’s detection

From my pond she doth retrieve.

I see it in the water of my eyes

In the mirror on the wall

Out the window to it all

In her rippled rings of water

In the pond

On her moon

On the Moon

In rings of water drops

In the sky

Sol still


His gong

Long gone

Not yet.

This is my submission to this installment of 10th Daughter of Memory, though the post just before this is the result of getting so reflective about the Moon’s dawning I followed curiosity way off the theme. Boy oh boy, without reflection detection we’d need television.


JeffScape said...

This begs of surrealism to me. Nice.

Brian Miller said...

nice...i like the flow of imagery...i agree with jeffscape, rather surreal....the tears in the eye...nice.

Wings said...

I like the rhythm there, it was fun to read. Very cool.

Lilwave said...

That is beautiful. I love it.

derailed hippo said...

Very nice and I like the flow of this one, sort of like your mind skipping down a trail

Cinnamon said...

very clever and gentle :)

Not For Jellyfish said...

The repetition of sounds and words is very soothing, and the imagery adds beautifully to that.