Friday, October 10, 2008


Cain's campaign mission for Sarah, "Bring me the head of …"

Just as Bush rushed the US to war as a preemptive strike against entire nations suspected of being either the hiding place of the terrorists suspected of the September 11, 2001 attack in NYC or being led by an evil dictator we trained and armed, the fine point of conclusions based on empirical evidence, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic, seems to have gone missing in almost all faith based actions. From George Bush’s oil grab covered in God’s will to creationists expecting atheists to accept faith as empirical evidence since they have preemptively accepted a cooked book as conclusive fact.

Just as the overwhelming majority of the population can nod in toady agreement at the “melting steel beam” theory offered by the culprit’s excuse finding commission while watching video of three simultaneous, expertly engineered implosions of three huge skyscrapers at freefall speed from every angle, no one in the entire UN, when Colin Powell presented pictorial representations of the rolling-weapons-of-mass-destruction-laboratory as proof positive that Sadam Hussein's evil deserved the obliteration of his country, no one stood up and said, “Hey, wait a minute, ‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe’. Neither is it proof of anything but the skill of a computer graphics artist to follow the dictates of a hidden agenda!!!” Authority is taking us for much more than granted, it relies on its obedient little lickspittles like hyena’s follow lions for the scraps, with apologies to the hyenas.

Hearing amens in unison, whether for a preacher’s or a politician’s certitude in delivering preemptive promises against all contrary, empirical evidence, sounds like steps in the gradual approach of empire. Preempirical, you might say.

Sometimes the roots of language are able to tangle up the realities of literate people — remember they are not the truth — just versions of it, the most anyone can ever express. Empirical evidence over logical theories over faith-based fear of the empire are the levels of being able to even visualize the truth, much less express it. The truth requires no crib sheet.


bulletholes said...

I have a friend that keeps sending me McCain propaganda. I for ward it to the friend that keeps sending me the Obama propaganda.
I like them both, but the mcCain follower is getting really desperate.
The most disrurbing thing about the McCain follower, other than just general nuisance, is the way she cites McCains belief in God as cheif criteria for her vote.
Negates any valid discussion don't it?

Imagine...a candidate vouchsafed by God himself!
Hey 'dood!

leslie said...

Apologies to the hyenas.

Good one Yodood.

Yodood said...

You can discuss things with Christopaths, just never mistake it for logic.

One Amen at a time, thanks Leslie. I have been into the 9/11 truth movement since before it gathered and got a name. One of those camels the public keeps swallowing while gagging on gnats like ypur favorite Ninny.