Monday, October 06, 2008


Can anyone tell me what is happening to my oldest, goldest fish. In February I thought she was pregnant because of a little tummy pooch? Now this fish is a spine ending in a tail and a mouth lying across this ufo-blimp-disk swelling. She is three times longer than her offspring, non of whom have exhibited such behavior.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Dropsy. Dropsy is not a specific disease, but rather a condition where the fish's abdomen becomes swollen. It causes concentration of the fluids in the body tissues or cavities. This results in swelling of the fish's abdomen, thus creating a pinecone effect. The scales protrude from the body. A sudden swelling of the abdomen (scales may stick out) is known as acute dropsy while a slow swelling of the abdomen is known as chronic dropsy. The actual cause of this swelling could be one of several conditions:

Acute Dropsy - Internal bacterial infection can cause internal bleeding and thus cause acute dropsy.

Chronic Dropsy - cancer: In this case, the abdomen is slow to swell as the cancer affects the fish's internal organs. If the fish is not isolated in the early stages of the disease, it could spread to other fish that are being housed with the ill fish.

Chronic Dropsy - parasites: Internal parasites can cause dropsy(abdominal swelling) because they are rather large parasites or because of the damage they are causing with the fish's organs. The abdomen tends to swell over a period of time if the fish is infested with internal parasites. It is best to isolate the sick fish at once to help maintain the outbreak of disease with other fish!

Goldfish are said to be somewhat more prone to dropsy than other fish. In some cases it is caused by a Costia Infection. Be careful when making this decision. Some fish could be spawning. Symptoms: The body will have a general swelling with protrusion of scales. The eyes may even bulge. Treatment: Dropsy is not very contagious. The earlier it is caught the more likely treatment will be helpful. It is best to up the water temp to about 82-86 degrees and use epsom salts (1/8 teaspoon of epsom salts per 5 gallons) instead of aquarium salts because they will help the fish to lose some of the fluid that has built up. (It is common to think that salts would help, but in reality the fish is bloating and having a hard time ridding its body of fluid; whereas the epsom salts will "draw out toxins"). It is also wise to increase aeration since the temps will be higher. Water quality is very important at this time. This will have to be tried for about 2 weeks. Now if you think the fish is suffering from parasites you will need to treat for them first.
I would google these terms to learn more before deciding any action.
Good luck & hugs!

troutsky said...

Dropsy looks grim. From Barfly to Steppenwolf, your blog is eclectic and I need to get here more often.Winter comin on and Ill have more time. I also was separated from my children (to a lesser degree) and understand the pain.
When Marx referred to religion as an "opiate", he did it in sympathy and understanding of pain relief.Right now our species is in agony and it manifests in many interesting ways.

Yodood said...

Rhanks for the info. I'd only heard the name "dropsy" and never knew what it was. And now to take the karma of a creator (the pond) and sacrifice one for the good of the whole.

Hi Trout, good to see you back. I do understand the pain relief aspect of religion, but the pain is from the civilization religion dictated in the first place — a true prison without walls tautology.

Check out Naomi Klein on Monday's Democracy Now — she speaks about Friedman and how his definition of free trade and capitalism became the bible to the neocons, the indisputable ideal untouchable by its impracticality to the neocons calling the victims whiners, just as Christopaths call others sinners, for the same intolerant blind faith in the ideal.

Minx said...

I showed the pic to a friend, he agreed that epsom salts were worth a go.
Me? I know nothing.