Friday, October 31, 2008


I have got to send you over to my friend Asenath's blog for her beautiful testimony to the inspiration Barack Obama's message has brought to her. She actually had been humming that tune a lot while making a movie about the birth and growth of her sunshine son hiding in the belly on the right in the above picture. It is her version of the feeling I expressed in my post, Obama, about how his central message is above, while inclusive of, the rabble. Good on you Ase.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending me to Asenath's site. I just love her little video Barack of ages. I've been humming it to myself all day, and it has really taken the edge off of my pre-election day worries. A large chunk of the world will sing with us if he wins...

troutsky said...

Ill be glad when its over, by the way, Rodin IS remarkable, I love the hands that form a chain around the globe, forget the pieces name?

What did you mean awhile back : "how absolutely responsible my apathy is for the Vietnam war" ? That you regret not paying more attention? That collective apathy caused it?

Yodood said...

Hi A,
A new dope for all us hope fiends.

A little Swiftian satirical skepticism, that. We keep touting democracy as if it weren't mob rule, by people nobody knows for their own purposes.

The greatest silencer of the individual voice is six babies screaming. Overpopulation makes stupid decisions look reasonable.

We need an Indigenous Party, one whose core values are symbiosis with the planet, formed by naturally indigenous "natives" and willingly feral fellow humans. Their purpose is to break up the perking lot log jam of 300,000,000+ citizens under one thumb, god or glorious leader into tribal groups of kindred spirits who need no representation for any part of their lives.

Lilwave said...

This picture reminds me of something I saw in the Gnome book you gave me when I was a little girl. I still have that book hiding around in my attic somewhere...