Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My favorite sculptor so far is Rodin, whose figures emerging from the stuff of which all of nature is made evokes a kinship deeper than art appreciation, something closer to the truth of existence than its skillful artificiality. My favorite painter 'til now is Van Gogh, whose faith in and passionate dedication to expressing his unique perceptions is an ultimate inspiration for my own.

Well, the Thinker might need to scootch over and Kiss my favor goodbye because I passed through the Gates of Hell and stumbled upon a sculptor named Bruno Torfs who lives on the edge of an Australian rain forest and has carved out a garden in which live magic creatures of his imagination growing out of tree stumps and waterfalls…

… evoking the same kinship to nature as Rodin's work, combined with the play of Brian Frood and Alan Lee in their book Fairies. These few pictures give an inkling of the over two hundred figures being constantly increased. Do nature's magic beings overpopulate?

The coolest part of my grand introduction to this fellow was upon visiting his web site, Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden, to learn that he is a painter who, judging from his self portrait and the too few others shown, that he paints very much like Van Gogh.

If I hadn't been by the time I came across him, this fellow convinced me of our preexisting identity by being made of the same stuff, housing the same observer, viewing the same truth, through unique windows.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Yodood said...

Hi A, I think I detect a hint of the hand that crafted your bushman.;.p

leslie said...

Yodood, this is just the best.
I like the smiling face from the stump that has the roots coming from the top of his head.
All too often I see features in wood, without benefit of enhancement.
These are spectacular.