Sunday, January 13, 2008


In literature we are taught that a good story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Everyone gets passed through an exposure to this idea which resurfaces in all the other fields of education as if they too, must satisfy the requirements of a good story if they are to be considered valid observations. Eternity is broken into minutes, days, years, millennia, aeons and light years all in an attempt to find the beginning and predict the end of time. Infinity is broken into angstroms, microns, frequencies, photons, atoms, inches, cells, sones, pounds, hectares, planets, light years, galaxies and black holes all in an attempt to find the beginning and predict the end of the range of the story behind any variety of inquiry isolated from the theme of all themes, eternal infinity. What is it about beginnings and endings that all ring of arbitrary conclusions based on the requirements of the story for specialization to isolate the part from the whole to the point of irrelevance. As our “intelligence” accumulates pats on the back for getting mankind this far ahead of all the other varieties of planetary parts, I see varieties of specialized smart being mistaken for the theme of natural wisdom to the point of relevance only to the story of civilization and antithetical to the gestalt, the theme, the very nature of the whole altogether, such as believing some god created earth exclusively for the exploitation of man — with the same know-it-all, disastrous results.

I have never considered the US old enough to have its own culture. If it weren’t for Australia, we’d be the newest punks on the planetary block. There has developed a new naming system wherein all but the whitest of ancestries have become hyphenated Americans, no matter how many generations have been born here. Indigenous Tejanos have been declared Illegal Aliens. I posted Adapting about the unification of the indigenous people of the world to gain a voice on the planetary stage.

In September of this year, the United Nations passed a non-binding Resolution on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. A couple of weeks ago Russell Means delivered the Lakota declaration of secession from the United States of America and invited all who wanted to live in a free state to move to their vast territory. Not that I want to move north, or at all, but I have long nurtured the idea that all it would take to break the corporate hold the US seems to be taking on the planet would be for there to arise a third party comprised of people whose prime self-identification is as indigenous earthlings in symbiosis with the nature of the planet. Such sentiments and priorities must surely represent a majority of the population in light of corporate ownership of the other two parties.


Minx said...

If we all took off our skin and ran around in our muscles I wonder if our tribal instincts would be so strong? Or would our need to to have a godhead to blame override everything?

Apart from that I rather fancy being an illegal alien.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

A while back, on the old blog, I posted about being just earthlings - saved from cultures, races, nations. I was rather pooh-poohed.
It seems most cannot or will not remember who and what they truly are and continue to need their identifiers.
Ah well, sometimes it's a long journey - which, no, does not imply it has a beginning or an end :-)

gregra&gar said...

In some circles of righteous selves your being a pagan makes you an illegal earthling. Email me your address and I'll snail mail you Jitterbug Perfume. Are you familiar with Tom Robbins at all?

Physical examples of life seem to be stages of an endless journey in the body and its various parts at any scale we care to draw beginnings and endings.

Minx said...

Being illegal means I'm still alive and kicking hard!

That is such a kind offer but it is my birthday on Thursday and I have been a good girl. My partner has already granted my wish for my very own copy. I shall look forward to getting my teeth into it!

karoline said...

how ironic that corporate america was built on personal freedoms. freedom of choice, freedom of speech, we fought for freedom, many died for freedom. yet, all that we have fought for, climbed the corporate ladder for, went to school for, killed ourselves working for is in effect a slavery to the system.

as nice as it sounds...would it be as easy as some think to just cut along the dotted line and separate a tremendous chunk out of the middle of the usa? i think not, i think that freedom was forsaken by the capitalist...