Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Having admitted to thinking it was necessary to get personally involved in politics to support and vote for Dennis Kucinich I began examining the entire campaign-to-inauguration trip from a new perspective which, being about politics at all, seems to be so full of corruptible flaws it ought to be outlawed. The whole business about the rigging of the two Bush elections, stories of Republican strategies to disenfranchise entire demographics and the massive incompetence of Bush hired computer corporations to make foolproof voting machines in the seven years of his misguidance all serve to make me search for something better.

Being new at the game, I should be allowed at least one “What If” to run up the ole flag pole, just to see where the Bronx cheers come from. The idea of a secret ballot comes from a desire to limit the influences of a show of hands on folks who might just go with the crowd or of coercion by the candidates at the polls. I say, do away with polling places altogether. The internet is here to stay. So long as we have energy to power anything, the internet should be maintained and grown. One of the best uses I can imagine for it must be implemented within the next ten months just to restore any confidence in the system to represent the people enough to deserve to be voted on. This is my plan for the November elections.

Without any gps tracking implant in our butts we all already have a unique code openly known, recorded and maintained by the US government — our social security number, one per person. One could use the same type system banks rely on for security of billions of corporate dollars to vote. By using ones social security to gain admittance to an anonymous cyber booth where one might vote for one candidate or write-in for any race of interest on a ballot identified by a unique randomly generated number for each ballot (untraceable to SSN) by which one may anonymously check the open voting records for verification. Computers are ubiquitous enough to provide entrĂ©e to anyone with a social security card. Any misrepresentation by using deceased, underaged or otherwise ineligible numbers is dependent on the records of the social security department and, although likely shoddy, is perhaps negligible when compared to now. With a central collection point, oversight by interested candidates and the justice department should be quite an expedient and thorough checks and balances system. The set up would be so cheap and easy once the initial system is designed that votes of entire populations of cities, states or nations can be cast in spontaneous response to many events we all feel powerless to affect. If we can do it every week for American Idol what can we do for America? If democracy isn’t pop government, what is it?

The fact that there won’t be any pollsters hanging around the polls will serve to return peoples judgment to concern with what is being represented rather than the chances of winning. Okay, I’m a dreamer, I’m not the only one ~~~ lets hear it folks, poke holes, ask someone who should know, tell someone who should know, get back to me. I don’t know nuthin’. Got no clout.

Since I decided to back him, Kucinich has been shut out of debates before all the primaries, as the rankest show of the evils of conglomerate media. Where other candidates are paying for Ads, Dennis must pay for lawyers.

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