Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have got to refer you to the right-on rant of Jason titled "Shouting at the Devil, 'Fuck You, Capitalism" over at Thomas Paines Corner of Cyrano's Journal, to which I immediately linked and commented the following,

You nailed it all. You also evoked this tangent: On item 8, the view of being one with the world had by young children is not narcissism until culture severs that connection in the public education run up to the competitive world of capitalism with ratings by reward and punishment according to personal obedience to indoctrination goals. It is that innate sense of oneness with the world that reemerges and seems like a religious revelation when the rat race is recognized for what it is. It’s often referred to as enlightenment through the ages when the prison without bars of culture’s myth is seen beyond. The real culprit is the inculcated belief so unconscious that it seems natural: that we own all we survey as granted by its supreme creator just for us to do as we damned well please, manifest destiny, eminent domain all the way out to the stars put there just to serve as our calendar!!

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