Sunday, October 28, 2007


He saw the truth just as it is
No words to claim it as his
He watches others claiming
To know just by naming
Those things given names
By the Wiz.

The Wiz takes many a form
Authority’s the only norm
Gospel is the song it sings
Righteousness the curse it brings
To those being cursed
By the storm.

The Wiz is parents, churches, schools and states
Science feeding at corporate plates
They form the bossy body politic
Giving rise to our heroic heretic
Light to shine for lives in the dark
On their fates.

His message clad in metaphor
To distance the sacred from the gore
Watching chickens’ pecking order;
Wolves peeing on their border
Not like our wars and walls and waste
Of life galore.

Every body is made of cells
In the center of each there dwells
Intelligence giving local reports
Coloring pictures to which the body resorts
Prejudice makes the unknown unable
To ring any bells.

Curiosity limited to exploitation
Imagination given shoddy information
As the tautology perpetuates
Unwillingness to clear the gates
To where thinking thrives on fresh ideas
After Wiz regurgitation.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

"Watching chickens’ pecking order;
Wolves peeing on their border"

These two lines pretty much sum it up, don't they. Talk about humanity being sheeple...

gregra&gar said...

Hi Absonilla,
Actually the verse was an attempt to show how we have taken such relatively quaint survival instincts of animals and, in this case, become super-sheeple who'd rather than peck, annihilate; than pee, build walls taking nature into bionic hell.

karoline said...

let me try again with the proper

we've lost the reason for our pursuit of the almighty answer..



and might i add..the dumber i am the longer the word in the word verification becomes..lmao