Thursday, September 06, 2007


…and everyday the paperboy brings more."

The lunatics are in my head, as Roger Waters sang thirty years ago, speaking of the concentration of blatant balderdash coming from people with a media following. A little summary from the past month:

Rajendra K Pachauri, honcho of UN Global warming policy seems especially concerned for the survival of people who won't have adequate air conditioning, which seems compassionate and a naturally humane concern, while he totally ignores the fact that air conditioning's a major contribution to the problem in the first place and his message is to hide our heads in a technological hole and let the world go to hell.

George Shultz, Reagan's Secretary of State, finally, upon waking to our planetary environmental catastrophe attended a panel discussion before the Society of Environmental Journalists, which ended up a debate with Paul Erlich, where he steadfastly denied our invasion and occupation of Iraq has anything to oil, while admitting our contribution to its pollution and the vulnerability of our addicted economy.

Peter Barron, Editor for the BBC, showing the lunatics even run the paper folding machines, explained the BBC TV cancellation of the environment oriented program, Planet Relief, by saying, "It is not the BBC's job to save the planet!!!"


Minx said...

The lunatics are smoking grass? No, no, far too organic for that bunch of twonks.

Pisces Iscariot said...

The lunatics are in both houses - and they want the garden too.

troutsky said...

Im getting into the space suit business, global warming needn't harm those with enough cash.

sexy said...