Friday, September 07, 2007


Due to the disquieting tendency of civilization to spoil a perfectly delicious day with behavior outrageous enough to interrupt my commune with nature and taint my reveries in this blog, I have begun a second blog reserved for observations which sound like chalk the wrong way on a black board when I write them as I record the misguided behavior of all sorts following the myth that not only do we own all we survey, but were commanded to scratch a living out of the earth. I think we've spent quite enough time making our marks in the world.

The new blog is named after the miners' surest safety device, the canary who dies from fumes still slightly less than lethal to humans. How shrewd is that? In any case you may link to it in the side bar under the picture of the miner and canary.

Added 9/26/07 Keeping two blogs was self defeating for readership, so I have revised my plan of separation between nature and nurture to one blog, this one, and using the above picture of the miner checking the canary to indicate when something in this coal mine civilization smells toxic.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I fully understand the need to reflect and the need to rant. Good decision.

leslie said...

And all I was, was pissed off about the tree across the street being crudely pruned...