Monday, May 28, 2007


For Lilwave,
Our debate of late
Has centered the tongs on the truth
The essence in that block of ice
Is directly between
So it can be seen
Jesus wants us to let God in.
Buddha wants us to let God out.

The dynamo
Behind the spark of life
As we reward our selves
With the karma laden canvas
We paint with our lives
Of what we think we see —
And of who we think it is
That sees it.

One thing
Endlessly dissectible
Eternally one
No matter what is done.


bobby lightfoot said...

That's awesome. The Jesus/Buddha thing.

Hey, wanna write a war lyric for me? I feel like everything I write should be about the war but I don't have the language. I'm more of a Byron than a Dylan but I really want something to sing about this war.

gregra&gar said...

Bobby, what could you do with the poem part of Jabberwookies post below?