Wednesday, May 30, 2007


They came into the neighborhood in full combat armor and armament, blew up the houses and shot fleeing neighbors in their tracks. One turned to the other and said, “These fucking raghead terrorists are such cheating cowards, they won’t even wear a uniform.”

Thank you, Saint George, for your clarity of purpose and staunch will to stay the course until you win. The overwhelming portion of violent resistence to your benevolent bringing of freedom, democracy and Christ to these heathens were glad you were coming until you got here and are now willing to explode themselves to get rid of you.

The overwhelming portion of the all too passive resistance to your stopping terrorists there so they don’t come here with their not quite ready mushroom cloud believed your lying agenda until you got there and are now willing to grumble up their sleeve while hoping you notice your falling popularity rating in the polls.

Wake up folks, the most official resistance to Saint George’s crusade to make the world safe for the big people is a congress of big people who just gave him one-hundred-forty-two-billion dollars and their blessings to kill fifty people every day for as long has he thinks there is something left to win. I don’t condone violence of any form, but it is going to take an awfully big shake to bring our national conscience awake to our indifferent complicity in his use of our children to do his murderous bidding and the will to stop it by, with and for the people. Waiting until Saint George’s time to leave the throne only keeps it warm for the next war profiteer and lets him skate off to the Fletcher Memorial Home for Wasters of Life and Limb for drinks with Nixon and LBJ.

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Anonymous said...

George hasn't been there but is the innocent young doing the bidding of powerful neocons that are paying the price of Georgie's illusions.