Sunday, December 03, 2006


Frank Kenney Johnson

I don’t care what you call me
I just don’t want to hear
You kept me close to ignore me
While whisperin’ in his ear
I’d say how much that hurt me
If I thought you’d shed a tear
So go away and leave me
Here cryin’ in my beer.

I thought we loved the same things
Way back there at the start
Before I learned that lying was
Keeping secrets of your part
In a separate plan
To meet with that man
On how to market my heart
So just go sit over there
‘Cause I feel an oncoming fart

His men jumped me in broad daylight
Like muggers on their jobs
“What an outrage,” you lied
Dabbing bruises with sobs
My furrowed brow
Remembering how
In the old days it was the mobs
Braking windows out of stores
To warn the world who robs
So just go …

No one here
Must be fuller of corn
Than the cobs.

Set to music with a twang

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