Monday, November 27, 2006


Environment is information.
Some would be here even if man were not.
Some would not be here without him.
The first I call natural information,
Including man,
Excluding his expressions.
The second I call artificial information;
What man expresses
Beyond life’s necessities;
Food and modest shelter.

In the wilderness
Three quarters of my information is artificial
Unless I take off my clothes.
In the city
all of my information is artificial
Unless I look straight up.

Only artificial information
Evokes the problem of believing
The information.
Only natural information
Evokes the solution of believing
In Oneself.

The lack of these distinctions
Makes a circuit board of gray matter;
A robot of flesh and blood …
Duck and cover, the boogie man’s about
Managed by the daily news
Misrepresenting what the leaders do
While, in our name, the leaders
Misrepresent us.

It’s in the irony of our inventions
Those clever gadgety things
Like governments and remote controls
That reward the ones who make ‘em
With the paychecks of the ones who buy ‘em
After the bill for the brainwash
That makes the nicety a necessity.
Cars make everywhere too far to walk.
Air conditioners make everywhere too hot.
Television is easier than thinking.
Billion dollar, GPS guided, super precision
Push a button here, hit a cross hair there
Weapons of slightly less than mass destruction
Kill more people from further away
less accurately
Than ever before:
Now 85% civilian,
A third of them children;
Up from one civilian for ten soldiers
Killed a hundred years ago.
War and technology,
Working hand in hand.

The double irony of it all;
It’s only too far, too hot,
Too stupid and too deadly
Outside the air conditioned car,
Outside the bunkers full of TVs
Displaying results of pushing buttons,
Out where nature
And the vast, rest
Of mankind live.

Humans are ruled by aliens
To the golden rule and karma
Kept at bay by arms
In the hands of poor young among us
Given orders by rich old
Enacting the “perfect society”
Of the military over the masses,
Logic over love,
Force over friendship
Punishment over parity
Murder over mercy.
Clean lines of artificiality
Uninhabitable by funky fecund nature
Due to our daily scrubbing
For signs of insubordination
With the military precision
We enforce upon ourselves.

Everything I typed,
You read,
Is artificial information.
There is nothing to believe
Merely ideas to think about
Next time all your information
Is natural
And you believe
In yourself.


mullet said...

'There are no facts, only interpretation'??


gregrandgar said...

That's up to you! lol, ho ho, ha ha, he he.

mullet said...

I walked into that 1! lol

gregrandgar said...

As they say in the southern US, "mighty white of you to admit it."

troutsky said...

You are an eloquent advocate for re-connecting with the natural world.I spend much of my life on rivers, guiding lots of "city" people and I see how the experience of just being on a river can affect people, open them up a little.

On the other hand, Man always has constructed things and ideas, by their nature "additions" to the natural environment. Some good, gardens, universities, others not so good. Cars, bombs, carbombs.Its a shame these "products" are tested in the marketplace, where the criteria is profit so we end up selling a detructive device or idea to determine it's profitability.

Anonymous said...

Nice distinction between natural and unnatural. Things brought to existence out of fear, or greed, or power (or ? - a result of being packed into too small a space?) vs. life's necessities. What about having children? That seems to be an expression beyond life's necessities...


gregrandgar said...

The first I call natural information, Including man, Excluding his expressions.
Hi Lisa, welcome back, children are man's prime, essential, natural life necessity prior to food or shelter. I said nowhere here that artificiality is a negative to man's evolution. His loss of distinction between artificiality and natural is the root of the irony that turns our doodads agin' us.

Trout, the profit motive is merely incentive digitized, stackable and prime for competition. In a cooperative society (one small enough for all to have the same interests and goals) the incentive shifts to contributing ones best quality to the body of which one is a willing and happy member for its well being.

mullet said...

like it or not...worship exists here. So to say that religion is the cause of every fuck up, is ridiculous.

gregrandgar said...

Who are you posting to about what, Mullet? I don't see anything about religion in this post. Although I don't blame religion for every fuck up, that I lay at the feet of totalitarian agriculture … religion just testified to the lie that we own the earth to justify killing things we didn't eat that lived where we wanted to farm … this led us to the imperial system of dominance over everything just to feel at home everywhere, no matter who lives there. Although you are right about me being ridiculous, if I weren't people would try and believe me. Ho ho, ha ha, he he!

John1975 said...

I'm sorry again man but, I had to force myself to stop reading this. It's just not how regular people talk. Not that there's nothing worng with it, it's just, as like the bible and other books, words used here are byond me and are not what I care to learn or understand. I've never like poems simply because they can be seen by many so many different ways.

Call me closed minded, one minded or lazy? Sorry, but I just didn't get where you were comming from.


gregrandgar said...

Surely John, you didn't tell me your troubles with my words to prevent my writing in this way for your convenience.

There are no regular people, my coffee cup has Robert Anton Wilson's "Committee for the Surrealist Investigation of Reports of the Normal" — have you spotted one, or suspect that you may be one?

Yeah, you're closed minded, but a lot of people are about some things. Having never been where I am coming from, and lack of curiosity about where that is may be a defense mechanism against opening.

Just curious, if you forced yourself to stop reading because my words are beyond you and you don't care to learn or understand because of bad experiences with the bible and other books, which words?

I don't really want you to answer any of these questions in a reply comment, I was asking them so you could consider them for yourself. I would advise you not return to my blog, because I use words in all my posts and I don't write them for people to voluntarily critique my style or complain about their preferences and shortcommings over. You can drop the "Respectfully" crap, you showed no respect for any one, particularly for yourself.

John1975 said...

Never mind! You took it personal! Which was not my intent!

I was simply giving you my personal, honest opinon of what I tried to read.

Sorry to offend you! I'll just silently lurk in the background from now on.

Its a never ending conflict!


gregrandgar said...

"I was simply giving you my personal, honest opinon of what I tried to read."

How could I take personally your inability to read, much less consider your comments as opinions, when all you did was describe your problems with reading. In order for me to take it personally I would have to give a shit about your limited reading problems, which have nothing whatsoever to do with my writing, at all. Rather than lurk in the background, why don't you go read some technical manuals elsewhere. Conflict over.