Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As an example of multi-varied interpretations of one solid, unchanged objective reality let’s think about a big, shapely pile of rocks to be found outside Giza, Egypt. Like ants on a sugar cube humans have probed, measured, pilfered, destroyed and pretended to own this pyramid in a land whose people know no more about it than anyone else on the planet. But, boy oh boy, are there ever a plethora of experts around.

The wonderful thing in all the theories and observations about a purpose for and the builders of what has been sitting inert since recorded history is that they all leave room for one another more or less — there’s an awesome lot of stone to speculate about. The one that got me going strongest on my own tangent was the observation that, just like the navel of the earth it has been called, it lies directly in the center of the land mass of earth. In other words, if you drew boundaries north-south and east-west through the pyramid along longitude and latitude lines, each quadrant contains an equal land mass. That, coupled with the idea that its alignment doesn’t vary more than 30 seconds of arc from true north prompted me to think that the earth, with so much water whose center had to be on the opposite side of the earth from the pyramid, was like a large orbiting, square dixie cup if you projected the corners through the earth to emerge like a container. So I ran a few calculations and found only one landfall amongst the four emerging corners piercing the globe at 40 mi wsw of Williamsport, PA. The other three corners show up in the water west of Era, Japan and Perth, Australia and east of Buenos Aires. Nothing but the fun of finding those things out emerged from it, now only you and I know, and I’m probably the only one who cares.

The only two functions the pyramid serves now is revenue for the Egyptian tourist business and Zahi Hawass’ special curator permits and as the building material for much of Giza whose inhabitants stripped off the white casing rock, complete with explanatory hieroglyphs etched into them. The startling thing about the pyramid when considering the bewilderment and misuse it undergoes today is that with all the technology available to modern man, we could not build it today. Every time we develop a more accurate measuring device it reveals a more sophisticated precision than we had previously been able to detect.

Sonic lasers have been imagined as the only technology that can carve something like the container in the Kings Chamber. Such precision rock cutting is also found at Machu Pichu on boulders the size of those on the pyramid. Just a light perusal of this diagram will reveal simple geometric relationships derived with a compass and a straight edge. The point, the amazing reality is that it is testimony to a civilization that existed before our recorded history that was more advanced than anything since. What’s more, there is no developing civilization or field of knowledge leading up to it. It appeared whole!

A Man named Kunkle postulates that the giant bedrock base of the pyramid was carved to specifications that would, when filled with water and heated in certain chambers, pump water out the top. This water was used to fill locks built into the side of the pyramid to raise barges from the nile carrying up to 70 ton blocks gently into place. When completed the pyramid served as the source of irrigation water over a vast area.

A man named Sitchen proposes that the pyramid was a landing beacon for alien approaches to their colonial outpost in Eden. These aliens, the Anunnaki, cloned a hybrid of themselves and the apes they found in Africa to create humans, the Nephilim. Sitchen's theory also touches on why the water is so large a part of one side of the Earth, which, along with Mars and the asteroid belt are remnants of a cataclysmic collision with the moons of the giant planet of the Anunnaki.

A pair of researchers named Bauval and Gilbert found through star charts and ephemeri that the three pyramids and the nile river are an exact scale model of the relationship between the constellation Orion and the milky way in the period of the pyramid’s construction.

Another researcher has translated every step from the entrance to the queen’s chamber into passages from the Bible although it is predated by unknown time. Yet another postulates that the niches along the great gallery held precious gemstones and the missing peak was solid gold pyramid missing its peak which was a diamond pyramid weighing pounds.

Yet another proposed that the chambers and vents made up a complex chemical resonance device which served as a Tesla like energy source for the alien civilization.

As I said at the outset, none of these theories deny the others, and like a back engineered UFO man plods along pushing and lifting things he still cannot relate to enough to levitate. One of my favorite stories about this: Upon noticing how dangerously close to the secret of life their little genetic cloning experiment, the humans, were advancing, the aliens introduced the wheel to retard them a little.

After the Christian assumption that man owns the planet, the second most arrogantly debilitating lie mankind swallows is that we are today at the pinnacle of human civilization. Can’t learn anything new or old that way.

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