Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Naked to nature, we return
Through sphincter and system.
Gestation delivers the latest variation
Of eyes newly opened to old souls
To find nature right where we left it.

Biologists like to tell the tale
Of one cell becoming two
Two becoming four
Amoebae growing cilia
Fish growing legs
Legs climbing trees
Hands gripping better
Apes losing hair
And out pops you
Newly evolved
In a nine month synopsis
Of a billion year history
Recorded in our genes.

Anthro apologists like to tell the tale
Of one man becoming two,
Two men becoming four,
Of man joining forces
To feed his hungry number
In more ingenious ways
Never seen before.
The benefit of rearranging nature
By killing other hungry beings
In ownership of our food,
Made our satiated number grow
Around silos with skills
To trade for food with tricks
Learned while forgetting
That nature offers a cornucopia
Unavailable at our jobs.

Newborns experience agriculture's history
As suckling is superceded
By behavior that earns food
And love if we’re lucky
In a world dominated by duality
Demanding we make preemptive choices
As permanent as pavement
Toward a future never reached
To keep our noses clean
When answering the man.

Depending within which culture our old soul
Opens our brand new eyes
We may never have to lose
And may always use our memory
Of the natural curve of nature
In a karmic deja vu lent us
By our ancestors’ vast experience
Of living in the Tao ‘til now
Never in a bread line.

Even so you may be discovered
By the latest generation
Of the culture of the cleverer
Who will save you from your nudity,
Your crudity of living without
Ever buying into their necessities of life.
They will make you be like them
Even if it kills you.

These late draftees to "civilization"
Are the indigenous people
Unfamiliar with dominating the body
Of which they are a part …
Just as we were
Before we were spanked for shitting
Or walking outside naked
To shock the conditioning
Of our cultures’ cretins
Not thinking for themselves.

Naked to nature, we may return
Through this system of trial by fire.
Digestation of Experience delivers
Our eyes reopened for older but wiser souls
Finding nature right where we left it
When we were born.


mullet said...

we all need honey

anyways, yes...who is doing a doing for indiginous people? All i hope for , is that they don't get wiped out, as is fast becoming

gregrandgar said...

indigenous is "they" only if we don't recognize the natural self we were before the civilizing smack on the ass took precedence.

sexy said...