Saturday, August 19, 2006


Man feels alone in the universe;
Seeing the truth, but
Being unable to say it,
Not believing it.

Language is the subtle suture
Severing soul from knowing soul
Seeing only differences
In what essentially is a whole.

The compromise of agreement
Is hard won by dint of reason
On the battlefield of argument
Fought on always tranquil landscapes
By the ironic perversity of words.

Two babies smile at each other from their seats in shopping carts as essence cognizes itself. The mothers smile in recognition of a clarity they'd quite forgotten.

Nothing so dear as conversation with friends, aware that each speaks from the heart with a voice of unique personality and experience to hearts not so different; all eyes on the same potato humming a melody to itself.

Inability to express our experience is too often taken for lack of understanding when, in truth, the essential enlightenment is that pure experience is the foundation upon which the idea of possible understanding rests and is therefore greater than any expression. Tucking experience into tidy expositions is at best a metaphor for the abstract idea that understanding can or has ever occurred. The growth we attribute to words and the process of thinking continues long after words cease, and much more freely, unhampered by the habit of asking, "are we there yet." There remains no questions to answer, merely observations to record at the leisure of the artist making pencil sketches, each for their own beauty and their enhancement of what has gone before and the potential of what is to come. Each now an end, a continuation and a beginning — of what, well, that's what words believe they can define, as if the sum of the parts is only equal to the whole and the concept of gestalt is spiritualistic mysticism.

Enlightenment is a metaphysical debriefing from normalcy; conditioning is disturbed by curiosity's appetite for experience more nourishing than the predigested instanding outsights of perspective allow; enabling direct recognition that we are essentially experience, itself, ourselves. The enlightened being is a clearer expression of his experience than any version he might speak. A jolly good metaphor set to a catchy tune gives the best glimpse.

Don't just say something.
Sit there.

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