Saturday, July 15, 2006


Rod Serling, like so many science fiction writers often used contact with aliens as metaphors for individuals’ relationships with civilization’s more bizarre aspects. I use the title of his most poignant episode of Twilight Zone for this post because I believe it to be a perfect metaphor for today’s population of the United States and its relationship to its “Representative Government.” According to the claims of the servants of the people, its citizens are either Bush loving Christian Warhawks or terrorists. The arrogance of this black and white picture soils the white portion to a shade darker than the black. Fellow sheep, the wolf wears the clothing of our shepherd! Somehow our servants and their terrorists seem to be lead by the same people — with us in a sandwich between the reality and the lies with nowhere to hide.
Just a brief synopsis of my coming to the heretical statements above:

1) Nothing explains the free fall speed of the three buildings that collapsed on 9/11/01 other than implosion by planned demolition. Even if each floor let go of the central shaft as they all fell, what happened to the 1100 foot tall central shaft column that should have remained standing if planted bombs didn’t cut them into thirty foot lengths for easy, quick loading on slow boats to China's steel mills for recycling which, taken alone is the crime of tampering with a crime scene.
2) Why would Bush chair and staff the 9/11 Commission with crones, who should have recused themselves for conflict of interest, except to produce such a rush to exonerate the administration in their swiss cheese report that would be inadmissible in any court in the land (as if the people could ever get it to court).
3) Since they were in Reagan’s administration until right before daddy bombed the hell out of Iraq the first time, George II’s staff were busy shipping massive loads of destruction to Saddam Hussein in the form of weapons, ammunition and substances of chemical and biological warfare. Long after the cease fire, once our ground forces identified the locations of these shipments, orders came down to blow them all up, exposing all US troops and Iraqi citizens within their greatly expanded range to their deadly effects, just to hide the US duplicity. Today, the administration still calls the illnesses, deaths and mutant births of the first Gulf War veterans and the Iraqi civilians a mystery and refuses responsibility for treatment based on the loss of all their military records. So, by our shepherds' impeccable logic, how can they tell the dying were ever in the military?
4) After the First Gulf War when the returning veterans were examined for radiation poisoning, it was found that the depleted uranium used in our weaponry is far more dangerous in its vaporized state after detonation to the general environment than previously believed, and a ban on its use was issued. Our troops are still using it in the war of the son! I wonder when their records will turn up missing too?

These points from mere observation of public record alone demand the attention of the sheep and answers from the shepherd, not to mention the myriad other questions, loopholes and lies uncovered by administration skeptics, or as the administration would have it, dreamt up by conspiracy theory terrorist moonbats. Well, they’re kind’o right in that perceiving the shepherd to be the wolf is a lot more ominous than thinking that fanatics from a land of shepherds were the perpetrators. To me, this accounts for the violent reactions of the Bush lovers to any heresy to the word of their shepherd when they pull their heads out of the gospel to defend their adamant indifference to other possibilities.
As the hero in Serling’s drama did at its end, I feel like I am running after the possibility of waking my friends in the process of boarding the alien ship to go to their planet, with the translation of their book, "To Serve Man," in my hand yelling, “Wait! It’s a cookbook!”

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