Saturday, July 15, 2006


I share space with an eight legged cat I call Lovey-Dovey.
I live with with a set of siamese twins unseperated since birth.
I am owned by two members of a mutual admiration/cleaning/preening society.
I am pierced by fourty claws when eight paws knead me.
Weeks pass in solitary conversation with my cat;
Fish only want to eat, plants only want to drink.

Two tails wind around my shins.
Four eyes gaze at the spirit dancing on the line
To the two I used to call mine.
As siting lotus accompanies meditation for some,
Being flanked by the Love and the Dove works for me.

Taken from their mother before weaning,
Love craves affection and Dove sucks her tail.
Abandoned for the convenience of free rent,
I became the soil their roots grew in this past year.
Now Char wants to seperate the siamese
With no idea how the surgury wounds.
She wants us both to have half a cat.
If she persists, I insist she take the whole,
So only one will feel the post partum pain.

This is an unfinished adventure.

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