Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Ides of June and all is well here on the Dawgranch, as we have come to call our little, 6 acre community of kindred folks sharing the peace and quiet at this admittedly baby step away from a city of a million frantic people. Asenath, of We Are Dirt People, began this micro community, introduced me to it and is now on her way to India.
If you are with me so far, good, because I am getting to the place where I state my intentions for the purpose of this blog: It Must Be The Vapors is maintained for the purpose of recording observations and discussions about the idea of learning to become symbiotic partners in the nature of our planet and to withdraw from membership in a culture whose myth of stewardship is leading to a future where the entire biomass will become our favorite food and us … and that's all folks.
I hope this gets the ball rolling from friends and foe alike because I see western civilization and all the third world wannabees drunkenly racing toward a cliff of ecological catastrophy and our leaders silencing whistleblowers to keep the party going and stay elected. See you on the flip side.

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