Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, well, well … I actually got here in attempt to comment on a post by my traveling friends, We Are Dirt People, off to spend a year in India, and ended up going through the whole rigmarole of creating my own blog. It's not like I have nothing to say, I just usually reserve my observations for friends, given my curmudgeonly attitude toward civilization and the technological/political "real world" carefully honed over many years of trying to love it, trying to do something about it and finally deciding that the best thing I could do to get the world I live in to be what I feel it could be is to live each day as if it were so already and that the grid-locked groupies are a society that likes to bitch in heaven. And, wouldn't you know it, once I began to see the world as the stage and background for the "real world" drama, I realized that it truly is … no as ifs, ands or buts about it.
That's why I live in the background of this picture of my garden in an attempt to learn to sustain myself by symbiosis with the nature of the planet. Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, clued me in on the idea that, once man's developing agriculture became totalitarian and food began to be locked up, people no longer needed to heed nature's seasonal signs to gain a meal, nor did they have the time what with having to earn shekel for a loaf of bread, their carefully developed hunter-gatherer skills faded into genetic memory. I rely heavily on those genetic memories in my life now as both a guide and for the quietude their reading requires.
Well, that's a beginning — we'll see how often I return.

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from december said...

You latest post is ionically ironic