Saturday, October 15, 2011


Do my cells Know what I make of them? 
Each one painting its canvas, a pixel in the hologram I call existence.
 Do they know their lives are my sensations?

Brain meet Nebula, or is it the other way round

The aches and ecstasies passing through now like weather
inspire my will to look beyond my cells with an awareness,

Double Helix Nebula at the heart of the Milky Way
a being of which I have always been a cell
whose health suffers and celebrates as do I —
in response to its cells, 
we Earthlings, 
we Solarians, 
we Milky Wayans …


Brian Miller said...

dude these are both very cool pics...what art there is inside of us just waiting to get out...

how is the teepee coming?

gregrandgar said...

see the previous post

Old 333 said...


Garth said...

We Cosmic Debris ;}

Anonymous said...

Love it. Some patterns in nature do repeat at seemingly all scales. Wonderful post to point that out with these graphics. I've always been fascinated and comforted by simplicity and majesty of the large and small spirals (ie: galaxies, hurricanes, draining water etc.) that remind me that even that which seems still is constantly in motion. Multiple motions as well!
See you at giddyups?