Friday, February 04, 2011


Storm against
The bars and stars
You pledged allegiance to
In the molding of your schooling

You are not
Fodder for the warring steel
If you can grow your own next meal
The unfolding of your schooling

Against the razor steel
Peeling whiskers from your chin revealing
That Windsor tether to your schooling

Rise up
Dilate the cage of your crumpled form
When you face the truth you’ve long ignored
Since the scolding of your schooling

You are
The key to the cage
Not in rage but the will to disengage
From the emboldening of your schooling

To walk away from your servers
Costing more than that tie could ever earn
No longer tethered to your schooling

This is what my asylum echoed while I was reading Bite the Hand, by my friend Pisces Iscariot at the Far Queue. We're saying the same thing from our own unique reality tunnel. Vive l'varietie


troutsky said...

Bit off topic but check this out if you want


That url didn't work out but if you go to Alternet and see Ayn Rand Railed...

BTW I don't have any formal schooling.

Yodood said...

I never suggested her for sainthood. Like all too many cases, we throw the baby out with the bath watyer.. For me she defined individual integrity, the lack of which leads to institutional socialism. I am a socialist because I have empathy for real suffering while knowing full well that such suffering is caused by living within and trying to adhere to a culture antagonistic to the very nature of their existence.

Pisces Iscariot said...

The photograph is brilliant - completes the circle perfectly.

birdie said...

liked the points you made. especially liked that i could easily understand what you were saying. this is not always the case.