Monday, February 28, 2011


In reference to the previous post about what's wrong with public education, these guys are probably drop outs, just to find room for this fascinatingly beautiful invention of theirs. I don't care if it does have a genre name.


Old 333 said...

Well, that ain't too shabby. These young folks today are so...flexible.

Yodood said...

…and when, pray tell, were we not? I just enjoy the inventive creativity and indulge nostalgic envy from my septuagenarian rigidity

Old 333 said...

Oh, I just felt it, watching them because my back is so terribly out these last three days. Nothing like constant agony for company. I think we can all be flexible both physically and mentally at any age - but it's often rather dazzling to see the speed at which each generation figure the new things out and transform them and themselves. Like one of those stop-motion things of flowers, or slime molds.

I bet slime molds never get back problems.

talk to ya later -