Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul.
 -Khalil Gibran, mystic, poet, and artist (1883-1931)

I am an event, part of an eternally changing instant. I trace patterns of similarity in events and feel the comfort of snuggling into labeling such likenesses with words used by some of the events similar to me. I am curious about my relationship to other events and ours to the ever changing here now of the present.

I perceive that the pattern of events events labeled human, by learning words to define similarities out of the variety of the whole, tend to become habitually dependent on the relatively inertial stability of confining curiosity to traditional labels as some form of impeccable logic by infallible authority in the tautological world of language.

I perceive that the most devoted to precision in this word world can no longer think without words or hear the less articulate. With language as prime stimulus for response these events most resemble sound activated voice recorders, silent unless spoken to or button pushed. Much like editors, their worldview is a collage of clippings of reports of hearsay from authorities outstanding in their field. Ideas no longer arise from the preverbal depths of their genetic memory. They can no longer sit still, alone, away from all signs of man’s existence without it being a test of endurance until they can find events they know the name of or someone to listen once more. Instinct and intuition have been demonized as the work of Satan, or worse, anarchy.

Without words, such hopeless addicts might never be led back out of their invisible prison by inspirational crumbs left by earlier departures in sublime poetry, song and tale about their very struggle to return to the clarity of our predefined nature, that focal point from which all perceptions, interpretations, patterns and words, emerge and remerge — precisely, here now.

It's the path I'm on…

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Anonymous said...

As a human experience, it seems to me that it's really about being able to detach from the security from the categories naturally assigned in the left brain, and trusting the instincts of the right brain. As we all know, the right side is constantly taking in stimulus that is constantly noted in many aspects of our being. But the "noise" of the language and organization of the left brain often needs to have the volume turned WAY down to hear the more subtle truths coming in from all senses.

Turning that volume down is an acquired skill that in most adults must be practiced to be appreciated. As you mention in your previous post, children do it more naturally because not everything has been assigned by the left brain into some sort of "understanding" or category yet.

Very true that some adults are severely lacking in this skill, but I'm not sure that I would say that it is a problem with being addicted to language...or worse, being taught that the input of the senses is merely the work of Satan as you suggest. Your personal disgust of Christianity clouds this thought a bit because you are talking about a human experience, but not all humans are raised with Christian logic as you well know.

I think that it is interesting though, that you state "I perceive that the most devoted to precision in this word world can no longer think without words or hear the less articulate." especially because you are an individual who is a natural "author", and who appreciates and "plays" with words more than anyone I know.
Of course, you are also an individual who is highly skilled in "detaching" the noise as well...

Peace & ponderings,