Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There seems to be two basic categories of attitude about one’s life held by my fellow humans. We are either organs integral to the living organism of the planet from which we arose and without whose health we wouldn’t exist or voracious tenants in a supermarket shopping carte blanche as granted us by the big spooky propiator in the sky.

The undeniable reality of our arising from and decaying back to the earth defines and qualifies our belonging here as earthlings. Belonging to the obviously artificial creations of civilization, nation, religion, corporation, et al ad nauseum has obscured the undeniable truth of our primarily being cells of Gaia, exceptional only to ourselves and the creatures we’ve domesticated to think like we do.

I experienced this difference in full force when I dropped out of my yuppie career with IBM and left their compound to integrate into the beautiful village of ’72 Austin. It was like a military base’s relationship with the townies, temporary and disinterested, another stop along the way. We as members of wastern civilization have a industrial/military complex about our existence on earth resulting in its commodification and destruction.

The global warming debate is a distraction from the undeniable poison and pollution our way of life injects into the circulation of the planet allowing oil profiteers time to suck the last drops from the most remote location, environment be damned.

You can either drink from the stream or a plastic bottle, still your choice.


Brian Miller said...

either is just as bad for you these days it seems...

Yodood said...

Brian, it is just such equivocating this post was written to make stop. If I thought they were the same I would drink whiskey out of a bottle until I didn't care about either.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Choices are easier to make when you don't have to take others' lives into account; choices on a life changing scale take a level of self-confidence and self belief not available to most. Just saying :)

Word Verification: men vs tie
some sort of corporate war.

Yodood said...

Pisces, The choice of considering oneself an organic part of Gaia is ultimate consideration of others. The shopping spree of wastern civilization considers others only for the service they might perform for us, tough shit.

Knowing oneself not available??? Can't find the store??? What kind of procrastinating bullshit is that?

Pisces Iscariot said...

No fault in your logic, but the reality of the civilisation trap leaves most oblivious and those that see it unable to find the release mechanism.
You are a hardline judge my friend.

Old 333 said...

Plastic bottles: too much to say here. Plastic deathgourds rattle upon concrete branches!