Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Here are a few of the ponders I’ve gleaned from my journal that, once I condensed them to their essential kernels, may, taken with a swig of ganjava, result in an expanded mind…
The Golden Rule, a simple statement of the symbiosis required for man’s relationship with all of nature, including one another, is obviously either misunderstood or is being purposely undermined considering the booming business of incessantly passing laws to patch up flaws in civilization’s premise of human exceptional superiority over all other life forms.
“Majority Rules’ either strips individuals of their autonomy in the minority or protects those surrendering autonomy in preference to sycophantic anonymity in the majority.
Death is like sex in high school; if you knew how many times you just missed it, you’d be paralyzed.” — Dead Like Me
Language ignores the violence fomented by verbal misunderstandings while usurping the credit for understandings made possible only by the reasoning of the participants whose genetic memory is basically identical, regardless of the words transmitted.
Liberal advocates of government responsibility for individual welfare must ignore the debilitating effect on personally evolved integrity to the point that the government appears necessary.
Karma: looking over one’s shoulder in fear of retribution for hopefully hidden malice makes going forward more liable to injury in innocent situations.
Our institutionalized tradition of abusing our natural environment contaminates the internal systems in a cycle civilization is loath to cease, preferring instead to grow a pathological pharmaceutical industry to further nullify our body’s natural preventative and curative systems. This half-assed promulgation of pathology over prevention is also seen in the disposition of the disposable culture’s preference for land fills rather than stop the production of packaging and products destined for the midden.
Can we ever recognize what we learn from life without it being an answer to a question or has our education obliterated our ability to translate preverbal thought?
Certainty, like faith, seeks nothing but converts, while fresh ideas are dismissed for lack of footnotes.
Twelve step programs validate the parking of one’s pain in the sympathy of fellows equally unable to live alone.
The rules of war are suspended when it is waged against an enemy declared to be “illegal” combatants by the wagers. WTF?
When genetically generated instincts are declared destructive to civilized behavior individuals are persuaded to turn against themselves by fashioning an acceptable façade to fake self-esteem based on a favorable reputation. These traitors to themselves make mighty manipulable mendicants. Isolate them from others and they cease to exist and will do anything to escape solitary confinement.
Like the big bucket on strip mining behemoths mindlessly cutting through tree roots, water passages and animal dens searching for fossil fuel, purpose leaves destruction of everything ignored by its myopically intended goal.
What kind of culture is characterized by allowable questions?
Good ideas cannot be owned or patented since anyone is capable of independent recognition of truth wherever it occurs.
Gibbon’s observed that paganism’s multitude of nature gods were for the common folk equally true, for the philosophers equally false and for the magistrates equally useful.
Salesmen know that if they don’t take no for an answer people will say yes to get rid of them.
Nature weaves a silk noose as culture’s reward for its abuse.
Candidates political hypocrisy reinforces the opinions of voters from both sides and swing voters already know they lie and vote for the lesser of two evils, so their mendacity never hurts them at the polls.
Mistaking civilization for nature is like passing laws to make wishes come true.
The hairlessness of humans destined them alone to find fire useful.
Pride in accomplishment is the heretics next victim.
That’s enough for a while. The number and variety should evoke many comments from those who think for them selves and bewilderment from those who don’t


Pisces Iscariot said...

Plenty brain food

"Salesmen know that if they don’t take no for an answer people will say yes to get rid of them. "
I once had to tell one such salesman to fuck off out of my house.

JeffScape said...

"The hairlessness of humans destined them alone to find fire useful." - I love this one, but it begs at a chicken/egg joke. Did we lose hair as a result of using fire? Or did we use fire as a result of losing hair?

Hmm... Either way, the end is rather Machiavellian.