Monday, May 17, 2010


Somewhere between learning from experience that the government lies about cannabis and UFOs and witnessing multiple videos of the free fall speed collapse of the only three steel buildings to ever do so, all on the same day, I have been sure of the government’s duplicity and have theorized on a long range ultimate agenda hidden behind the distractions of its public corruption and ineptitude. I have read extensively into the same material Dan Brown has completely bastardized for his popular novels, Howard Zinn's Peoples History of the United States drew from and the dearly departed Robert Anton Wilson so deftly skewered with hilariously scrambled conspiracies in his Illuminatti Trilogy. I guess you could call me a conspiracy theorist. It’s okay, I don’t mind. I prefer not being so dependent I fear to doubt.

Such suspicions were rather idle speculation until I began questioning the ultimate reason mankind finds itself at the threshold of self-extermination through the insane intentional refusal to adapt to the nature of its place of birth. Daniel Quinn showed me the historical transition from hunter-gatherer to totalitarian agriculture as the turning point, but I still failed to grok a reason for it. I suppose I have my daughter to thank for discovering what I have come to propose is the justification that converted relatively symbiotic humans into the scourge of the Earth — the mythology of mankind’s inheritance of Earth’s stewardship from its creator as our special gift is the backbone belief of every monotheistic religion since it permitted man’s slaughter of great swaths of nature to establish his food supply in greedy exclusivity over sixteen thousand years ago. Concentration around the new food depots in cities further cut off man from his natural environment until we come to the war on everything period in which we now exist suspended by our own petard.

That seems to cover how mankind began operating as master of all it surveyed, and I can kind of see how believing man superior to his environment could surface as the genocidal behavior exhibited by small pockets and huge armies of terrorists against their fellow man, but I’d yet found no ingrained mythos in my admittedly shallow research into Xianity and its roots in mythology back to the forcing underground of Paganism.

And then one day on Facebook during heated comment banter with my old buddy Roger about the difference between racism and anti-Semitism someone comes up with,

I see the United States as being an Israelite nation. Being that the US is a ruminate of the Tribe of Manasseh. Both Ephraim (England) and Manasseh (the United States) were son's of Israels son Joseph. We are God's chosen people...however, we have been allowed to go our own way, until we are at the point of blowing ourselves off the planet...then ... and only then, will God intervene. That Is the only way man will learn that his way will not work, and thru that learn to accept God and his Word. So yes, we need to protect the country of Israel because the United States was born from her.

Who knew? Am I the only one who missed this detail? Ah those crazy myths. There’s a set for the masses surveyed and a set for the masters of all they survey. If that tidbit didn't match current events in the unreasonable leniency being shown the genocidal Israeli treatment of Palestinians I wouldn't have even noticed that quote, much less posted on it.


Brian Miller said...

i think it is more in the bastardizaiton of the definition of steward, which has nothing to do with the raping and pillaging that it has become..

Yodood said...

I notice you didn't question whether man was granted such stewardship, no matter how you care to define it!

How come that is?

who said...

I will have to read it again, as this one is harder to follow than most of your other posts.

If you are referring to the original twelve tribes, weren't they all born from Israel?

And when the term "Israel" is used in term "twelve tribes of Israel" I was under the impression that present day Israel is not geographically the same Israel that the twelve tribes of is. Cause that Israel is on the other side of the Med Sea. I was under the impression the place of origin was what we may know today is geographically North Africa

Yodood said...

Who, Brian,
You guys have missed a point I either buried too deep or your devotion to the myth is is too ingrained for you to see that no matter what the myth or whose interpretation of it you defend — its just a fucking myth whose entire culture takes to be reality. Sheesh.

She Writes said...

I mean this in the nicest way. I miss your creative writing. My political opinions differ from yours, but I keep visiting in the hopes of you writing creative stuff again.

Yodood said...

So you prefer creative fantasy to discussing the possibilities of reality to the extent that you only say you disagree with me sans any form of explanation? Too bad. I am quite intrigued as to our differences since I admire the reality tunnel from which your fiction seems to emanate.

troutsky said...

bon apetite!

who said...

I like the way sheesh is a palindrome. And I guess after re-reading it, a myth is the only thing that makes the most sense.

I hear you dude

who said...

seriously though, sheesh is only close. And at least when I think about the ancient civilizations, they really did intentionally live even semi harmoniously with the land.

We are (as I see it) truly animals. We just happen to be the dominant ones. With one of the most complicated brains. But I think the only reason it appeared that our ancestors lived harmoniously is because there was so few homo-sapiens running around.

not to say that of course, we could always do more to live ,more harmoniously, we could, and not doing so is going to bite our children and their children in the ass.

But I do completely agree with the assertion that this belief that we somehow are the God-given or appointed rulers and custodians, given the false belief that we "own" the planet, that it is ours? It's an ignorant belief system, and she will reclaim herself as she is her own keeper (the planet our flesh came from)

whatever group is responsible for the tragedy of 9/11, doesn't make the wrongs against other humans right, especially in the "promised" lands. Smoking and auto accidents (the two greatest slaughterers or "terrorists" that take human lives away unnecessarily) murder around 400,000 to half a million every year.

Labeling any of our fellow humans as terrorists, and believing it gives us the right, or worse the responsibility to do what we do, is just lying to ourselves. Cause we like the comfort we are afforded. There is no way the planet could support even half the worlds population at the numbers it is at currently if everybody lived our wasteful, greedy, rationalized way of life.

I now the leaders didn't plan it to end up like this, it crept, oozed, morphed to this disgusting state. But it's hard to even begin to steer the ship in the toward making improvements if we cannot admit where we are the problem.

I know this isn't what you were saying, but it another piece of the problem you identified well here Yodood. It was a nice write

(ha ha crien was the word verification that I had to type) I swear to God there has to be somebody like a programmer who just sits and reads as people are typing and then chooses the appropriate chaptcha or iron)

who said...

dammit typos first paragraph should say I do NOT think ancient humans tried to live harmoniously.

the 400k-500k deaths/year is in the US alone

and 3rd to last paragraph should say I know, not I now the leader (I haven't even peaced together an army to stage the coup :), just kidding) even though several years ago that dumb joke could have gotten my survailed :)

JeffScape said...

This is, as you know, an approach (or re-approach) to natural living that is coming from a single side. We know each others' opinions, so there's no need to rehash them here, but there are techno-natural approaches as well.

Yeah, intent/execution and all that human error/bullshit in between, but that's beside my point. I don't subscribe to it, but Arthur C. Clarke had a rather interesting philosophy concerning the evolution of humanity. There's a great discourse between he and C.S. Lewis about it (in the form of published letters). You should check it out when you get the chance.

Concerning the latter portion of this entry, yeah... I can't stand it when someone tells me we're a nation because of some religious foretelling/interpretation. I much prefer a world in which humanity and humanity alone is responsible for its actions.

Yodood said...

Note that you think one of the big factors in our disharmony is overpopulation while, in the same thought stream, decry the relatively voluntary deaths of smokers and in auto "accidents". Which is it, too many births or too many deaths? And how can any system control either. The myth and the system are one.

"This is, as you know, an approach (or re-approach) to natural living that is coming from a single side." You speak as if civilization were not some refuge from natural living in a reality its every effort is devoted to conquering and exploiting. It's like using the siding to stoke the fireplace.

Trying to approach nature from within culture never breaks trough the myth of our superiority to it, making us blind to our symbiotic connections.

Some times humanity is used the same way any mob is; to excuse individual human responsibility. There is no more a humanity than there are democrats, yankee fans or sinners.