Friday, May 07, 2010


In the eternity of the timeless instant there is no reason for me to do anything nor a me to do it. It is only when I wonder and stick my licked finger in the air that I recall the momentum of the river of events and am free to choose whether and to where I swim until I once again bake away such purpose on the eternal bank to observe the river of reason for no reason. This is my experience of meditative contemplation; to observe reality as it is prior to any memory of names assigned, priorities assumed or direction proposed.

Civilization is an endless ocean dedicated to eroding the shoreline both figuratively as regards loss of contact with our natural instincts and literally as regards the real rising seas as a result of generating enough energy to make and move our growing fleet of prosthetics, so that drowning is the only possibility of not swimming; as if life was an ride uphill on a bicycle which must be constantly pedaled to keep from falling over. The relatively leisurely pace of natural existence is energized by the dynamic of all life, finding and avoiding being food, becomes flooded with frantic distractions demanding arbitrary tricks to earn the right to sit down to dinner and deceptive dedication to serve the ravenous to stay off a rich predator’s menu. This is the reality of domesticated obedience to cultural education’s muting the instinct to intuit the eternity of the timeless instant or recognize the purposeless observer we were before school taught us to make our marks at the top of the heap.

I am learning to untie too taut knots we’re taught not to think beyond; where the loose strands of consciousness yet twine in the primal brine where nature swims in evolutionary metaphor unadorned by language, incapable of duality, yet to be born as premise, faith or fact. I may never go beyond desiring to share the adventure.

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JeffScape said...

Ah, so your lack of a reason has a reason? ;)

I quite like this sentiment, though you know I don't agree with all of it. Still, I think you've moved beyond your desire to share the adventure and are, indeed, sharing it.

Love this: "so that drowning is the only possibility of not swimming."