Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I have more than a passing concern for the hundreds of thousands of folks whose privacy is invaded every year by the very wrong-headed righteousness of victimless crime enforcement from whose oppressive threats their personal cannabis consumption served as an effective, though unnecessarily costly, stress relief — until caught.

As yet another example of the invisible prison made of the fucked up myth by which western civilization unconsciously behaves, I am witnessing the death bed scene of an atrocity against human intelligence born a couple of years before me. The half-assed measure of legalizing cannabis* stops at the invisible wall of civilized acceptability and is not allowed beyond; returned to nature as decriminalized; innocent as born.

It’s the economy, stupid. The only reason legalization of pot is gaining enough attention of the brain dead unconcerned is the hole our something-for-nothing economy has left in their ability to buy more stuff deep enough for them to even hear “cost of one billion dollars a year to incarcerate otherwise innocent potheads” and “income of three biliion dollars a year on sales and grower income taxes — in California alone” Pretty slick, I wonder if we can do that with winter rye?

Every time Obama reneges on promises he made to the “American People” he now claims it’s for the good of the “American Economy”. Rather than admit that the cost of the bureaucracy required to filter out unqualified medical problems is more than enough to pay for all care regardless of conditions, no insurance required, the idea of single payer was replaced with mandatory insurance for everyone. With regulations like that, who needs preexisting conditions to feel ill? For the first time in history I am required to pay for my existence whether I get sick or not!

The economy is the code word for the imbalance of least population with the most money, while true wealth remains in the hearts and minds of those most in touch with the natural curve of planetary life despite the piles of money attempting to legalize it.

*cannabis = Marijuana: a name invented by Harry J. Anslinger to target Mexicans — just like George W Bush, Inc. invented the name “Al Qaeda” to make separate terrorist causes appear to be a united front against which to declare his preemptive war.


Brian Miller said...

he who holds the crown chnages his words to suit the ball he is dancing at that evening...

She Writes said...

Hmm. I am mixed on this one.