Saturday, April 10, 2010


The constant screeching of the predator birds

Demonizes their prey with provocative words

Feeding their babies who feast on such fishes

Feast on the faith filled’s most fervent wishes

Feast on sheep drowsing in gullible herds

The constant screeching raises the pitch

Blaming painted enemies for theivery by the rich

Lying about what our troops do

To an “enemy” just like you

Keeping a news fed nation’s trigger finger on itch

I see it on the street when e’er I go to town

Hawk eyes glaring from beneath many a frumious frown

At life long fellow neighbors

Who dtd them no harms or favors

But always wore that terrorist’s gown

The white wash of what just leaked

From the ass of the eagle beaked

Condemns them all, demands recall

From innocent nations held in thrall

By corporate nations until oil peaked


Brian Miller said...

wow. tight piece. i do believe it makes us feel better to have someone else to blame...takes the pressure off have to actually think.

JeffScape said...

Yep. Though we clearly disagree on America's role in the world, we completely agree on the bullshit perpetuated by stupidity and an all-too prevalent "gap" (I'll call it a gap) in accountability.

I'm following this YouTube video fiasco and while I've not been convinced either way just yet, it pisses me off that it remains a strong possibility.

Two of my former soldiers once asked me to serve as a character witness for an incident that happened in Iraq in which they were undeniably guilty. I told one to go fuck himself and never talked to the other again.

Yodood said...

Brian, I'm not sure what you consider pressure, being guilty of allowing such things to pass in our name or having to think for oneself.

Jeff, we couldn't possibly agree on "America"s (is that the "US" or a hemisphere) role in the world any more than we could agree on what god looks like — I am not a believer in either so I can't discuss how to be the best kind of the worst thing.

"America's Role" is ostensibly to "save the world" just like the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man" — on a platter!!!! What are we saving the world from (competitors) and for what (cheap labor, new markets)? Poverty springs up like a new crop around wherever we plant our standard of living — that's what we do whether it is our role or not.

Yodood said...

Jeff, what kind of service were you in that makes the video a rare incident? And what position did you hold where fellow service men were "my soldiers?" Do you actually think any of our troops or mercenaries are protecting us by killing over a million people in foreign lands in retaliation for a probable false flag attack on US soil. I think people who would give commands to fire and actually laugh about a tank cutting a wounded man in half in that video are acting on orders from the same organization that arranged the unthinkable 9/11 atrocity — the corporate bean counters weighing lives against money.

Jingle said...

nice way to be happy,
beautiful poem!

Yodood said...

Jingle, Eh?

troutsky said...

"False flag operation"? Really? In order to continue "man's domination over nature"? I wonder what should be done?

Hold out until peak oil points the way?

Yodood said...

If you read my previous post, the Real War, you might have caught my notion that trying to make a bad idea work despite the energy it consumes from everyone involved is the reason all such personal dissatisfaction is not only within the myth of humanity's eminent domain it is an instinctual, genetic knowing the lie of the myth to which we contribute.

Being a personal realization, there is no organizing that "should be done". Each individual could redirect their interests, energies and imagination to finding their own solution to reconnecting more symbiotically to Gaia. The example we set by our progress back to the garden is the best thing we can, (no must or should about it) "do" for others. Chosing to share the love making Gaia has always had for us, rather than raping her for a quick fuck.

If that kind of wave of revelation isn't fast enough for your materialistic revolution, return to the rape.

Minx said...

Fear of loss of power will always keep the propaganda machine tilling the newly planted fields.
Small seeds plant a better future - we just need some more gardeners!

dusty said...

:)joke em if they kant take a phuck