Tuesday, March 30, 2010


All the different reasons we declare war against one another, whether they’re as small as feuds between personalities or as great as ideological confrontations of corporations enlisting half the world‘s population in a war against the other half, are all mere skirmishes within the ranks of our corporatized civilization’s war machine set on establishing dominance over the nature of the universe as it manifests here on Orth within and without we Orthlings' hides.

Being cells in the body of the living planet, the upright Orthlings’ aggressive antagonism toward and ignorance of the well being upon which our own health depends is as though one’s left thumb nail set about converting the rest of the body into toughened keratin to set things to rights for its own good.

In the spectrum of Orthlings’ reality tunnels from scientific atheists to religious zealots there rarely arises anyone arguing against the so obvious sawing off of the limb from the tree of life whereupon we all perch oh, so precariously.

The method employed by the inciters and maintainers of our civilization’s war against nature may seem more familiar in a much more recent series of events, still being played out, that went into overt motion within the memory of anyone older than four orbits of Orth around Ra, to wit:

Needing a cheaper source of energy to enable its agenda to own lead all of Orth in the future, the corporation, Usuki Inc., made the decision to covertly provoke a war against the weakest of the planet’s energy rich corporations. It sacrificed three thousand of its own employees to rouse the remaining three hundred million to revenge. While the terror reigned, the flames enraged and the dust to which the Temple of Gold had been reduced was still settling, corporate security, in the first competent action since allegedly being caught off guard with forbidden airspace penetration by remote controlled drones terrorist hijacked ornithopters crashing into the temple twenty four minimims earlier, found the identification cards for all of the terrorists amongst the powdered rubble of stone, office equipment and three thousand Orthlings — the only things left in tact. And surprise of surprises — they all happened to be from the alliance of corporations with just the energy resource Usuki Inc. needed.

The stooge Usuki Inc. hired to be its political branch CEO lumped scattered, independent dissident groups together by his declaration of a war of retribution against All Kinda terrorists, to define the enemy and of the battle weary corporate grounds of Aghastfistan to be the beleaguered arena for their strategic war.

For protection of their own employees from the same torture they wreaked upon the enemy, their lawyers defined Usuki’s mercenaries to be “legal combatants” in a war of retribution, occupation and usurpation against any Aghastfistanis who objected, defined by the lawyers as “illegal combatants.” As impossible to justify as the war is, none of the corporations that suck up to Usuki have sucked up their guts and objected, lest they be declared “All Kinda” terrorists as well. And thus the demonization of employees of enemy corporations was successfully inserted into the mythology of Usuki’s employees’ belief system.

The much earlier example of this stragedy scenario was enacted soon after the dawn of the upright Orthlings by an embryonic corporation in the form of totalitarian agriculture needing to morally justify wholesale annihilation of vast areas of naturally evolved life forms. To get relatively symbiotic hunter-gatherer-gardener culture to accept such apparent desecration of their environment a two part fable was forged into their mythology. The first was that all of the nature with which the Orthlings had thrived by communing was a creation of an omniscient being who granted ownership to his exceptional creations, the upright Orthlings. The second part depended on this exceptional superiority to justify the demonization of the traditionally revered spirits of nature by morally prohibiting their sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. It was just such evil spirits they were to blame for the instinctual sense of evil they felt when felling a forest for a freshly furrowed field.

All the violence within the ranks any of the corporate civilizations set on owning and exploiting the nature of Orth is the karmic result of individual’s deeply intuitive acknowledgement that they are contributing to a war against universally inexorable natural forces which thwart their warp at every twist in the path to extinction. It is not really a war when the deaths at the hands of the aggressors encourage once innocent collateral damage to rise up against them whether it is other Orthlings or the entire body of Orth.

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dusty said...

Damn! you are a great thinker and a great writer.

There will always be skirmishes over misunderstandings and unfortunately all out wars for whatever reason either side has.

one of my favorite quotes is one that I have no idea who said it but here it is
"the first casualty of every war is truth"

It is hard to honestly re-evaluate my views and even harder to really put an effort in to view the situation from a stand point directly opposing what I believe to be accurate.

I don't think anybody can ever honestly understand where the other side is coming from.

It doesn't make it easier when I have those I fight with named terrorist, enemy, or evil doers.

Not that it is feasible, but it might help each side to better understand the other if small groups of high leveled leaders were forced to spend 3 months touring the country they have a dispute with. To see and hear and feel what mat or may not be going on. With both sides knowing that if something happens to the "enemies" as guests they can pretty much count whatever war they were about to engage in a total loss. The vistors would also have to understand if they cause trouble that they will loose a war that was never fought.

It would take massive amounts of security to ensure the visitors safety. But certainly less than would be needed to go to war.

With the whole world watching and understanding how much their behavior during this brief but mandatory pretext to war you can bet your ass each side would make sure not to fuck it up.

it would be funny too, to have to make such a huge effort to protect the visitors for the "enemy" country but you would do it cause if something happens to them you forfeit everything you sought to recover by warring.

we could call it "get to know the people whose lives you our about to destroy"

see their eyes, and the pain or the anger, or the suffering they may show. It is harder to kill when you are forced to see that are sending your sons and daughters to take the responsibility to kill a human that you had to label "evil" in order to just give the order that somebody else will have to carry out.