Thursday, January 07, 2010


They called her Pearliña, for her lustrous grey eyes. They had no idea of her mission in life. It had been theirs too. Both of her parents had a long forgotten memory of their own birth when she opened her eyes and looked out at them as if entering a familiar dream, a slight smile of recognition at the corners of her lips.

His first awareness was of looking back from his location in the cornea through the vitreous fluid at the panorama reflected in the rods and cones at the bottom of the pool. It grew dark just as he felt hugged by his immediate family when the lid closed and their world rubbed her eye.

The super nova was seen by the naked eye from five hundred light years away. Bright enough to irritate the predator into stopping his stalk long enough to gnash after it under the scales around his tentacle pit with his scissor-tooth lined tongue.

It wonders what it is with every fiber of its being. We fibers wonder, “what is this world we are in?” We rely on our bodies to give us answers by reporting their sensations. Sound familiar? We are the infinite questions posed by one with no one else to ask; the ultimate psychotic who might not exist at all without imagining us imagining it.

Pearlña loved to dive for pearls. It reminded her of a mission, forgotten when distracted by her toys. She never found a pearl but she learned a lot about life in the sea. She opened an art gallery of machine parts discovered. after the deep had its way with them. She did so well she even forgot she was diving for pearls.

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JeffScape said...

Okay... I'm convinced... you're definitely channeling Clarke. This has "Star Child" ALL over it.

Very nice.