Friday, November 27, 2009


Marcel Duchamp - Nude Descending a Staircase

She awoke at day break

Fast of frying eggs and bacon strips

Off her PJs and jumps into the shower’s steaming stream

Lined by subjecting a block of sand to a wind tunnel

Vision kept George from taking the trouble

From her face when she thought he was lying

South of the equator, just East of the Glapagos

Ninja Turtles kept the kids out of her hair

Brush 97, brush 98, brush 99, brush 100

Times, if she’d told him once

Upon a time stories to tuck

And Little John were merry men

Can’t jump or tell the truth

Her kids found in stories she used to make up

On her face and sheath on her torso

By Rodin being born from the rock

Music coming from the kitchen

Reeking of delicious and so nutritious

From hens not stuffed in a box

Lunch for other women’s appitites

For adventurous exploits on the ocean

Of motel bedsheets

Of water washing away

Dreams of doubt in a blink of an

iPhone call from Timmy still in bed

Of roses when seen from the outside

The sun cleared the tree line

Of excuses from here to

“Hello, lazy bones. Come down to breakfast…

At …”

People said she looked like Audry Hepburn

The toast if she hadn’t ejected it.

“Good morning, dear.”


Brian Miller said...

that has some wicked flow...nice.

troutsky said...

Great but Hepburn as burnt toast? Lost me there.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful waking :)

Jon said...

nice patter here... and i'm with cinnamon... seems a nice start to the day